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Posted on June 27th, 2014

Water free nature fishing

For Activity Hour at Coombe Mill this week I wanted to try something linked to nature and the seasons. My age group averaged at two so I was conscious that whatever we did would need to be easy for little ones to understand and enjoy. It was whilst walking round the farm for inspiration that I found myself faced with sticky weed on the bottom of my leggings. That was where the idea began. I picked up a long stick and wrapped some sticky weed around the end and then I tried to see if it would have enough stickiness to collect a leaf from the ground. If they were textured leaves it worked. From there everything fell into place.

On the afternoon with help from Farmer Kym and Amber our new Coombe Mill apprentice we set up a rug under the shade of the trees and I handed out some activity sheets to the parents so they knew what we were trying to achieve. 


 Sticky weed Fishing Game instruction sheet


To help the children with the notion of imagination we brought out the dressing up boxes and invited them to choose an outfit, I even found a tutu to go round me! Sitting under the trees we read a lovely story about colour and things we might find on the farm from our Parragon Books collection. 


 Dressing up clothes and story time


Then we set off on a nature hunt to find sticky weed in the hedges, some ferns which were the perfect texture and shape to be our fish and the essential ingredient: a good long stick for everyone. 


 Finding nature for a fishing game


Back at our activity centre under the trees the rug became our blue lake and we made our fishing lines and set out the fish & flowers. It was such a simple activity but one that kept everyone happy. A few triumphant faces on catching a fish and even the parents couldn’t resist a turn.


Fishing for Leaves and Flowers in a pretend lake


With time to spare and the sun losing its heat we played ring a ring a roses in the sunshine.



Ring a ring a Roses

A lovely end to a holiday at Coombe Mill.



This was a perfect activity for tots, just enough to create the pretend, but not too fiddly that they couldn’t do it themselves with a little help attaching the sticky weed.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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