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Posted on April 10th, 2015

Easter Day Madness

Easter day on the farm is always packed with fun. We begin with our customary feed run, however there is a surprise waiting at the very first stop as our chickens miraculously produce Cadbury’s Crème Eggs in their laying boxes. Thanks to a quick count up and an advanced dash by Guy and Clio there is just enough to ensure one for every child!


Coombe Mill Chickens laid Cadbury Creme Eggs

This was to be one of those extended feed runs as along with the regular duties we had twin lambs that had just been born. There was no time to dawdle over the other animals as these little boys needed tagging and tailing and moving with Mum to the safety of our new born pen.


Lambs born on Easter Day at Coombe Mill Farm


By the time we finished up back at the cottages 2 hours had passed and everyone was very keen to participate in my Easter egg hunt. I insisted on half an hour down time for hand washing and a quick cuppa for the Mums and Dads which also gave Clio and I time to set our trail. We had a real mix of ages from tiny tots to tweens wanting to join in so I split the egg hunt following last year’s success into under 5’s and bigger kids.


Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Farm


Hiding eggs for the little ones means making them all pretty obvious, even then it can take them a while to spot them. We had taken over the toddler ride on play area giving us a perfect safe space with plenty of obstacles to place our chocolate treats on. The little ones loved the space to find their eggs with no chance of the big ones being allowed in.


2015 Under 5's Easter Egg Hunt at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

Only when we felt every space had been searched and the older kids were patiently hanging over the fence waiting did I let them begin.


Waiting for the older children's Easter Egg Race to begin


Holding back children on a mission to find chocolate is no easy feat, the only thing I had in my favour was that only I knew where they were hidden so there was an incentive to stay close. When the far play area was in view I gave them all permission to run off and  search, they didn’t need to be told twice!



Running to the Coombe Mill Castle Play Area to hunt for chocolate Easter Eggs


It felt like just minutes of dashing hither and dither across the climbing fort, tractor, zip wire and more in their quest to gather the largest haul of eggs. It was like a swarm of locusts descending.  


Easter Egg hunt 2015 for older Kids at Coombe Mill Holidays

Once they thought it was all over I gathered them together and they raced across to the other side of the farm to raid the pirate boat for yet more treasure!


Searching the Pirate Boat for Easter Eggs


Finally everyone sat about enjoying their bounty in the play areas and around the campfire in the den building zone.


Eating Easter Eggs from the 2015 Coombe Mill farm hunt

I left them all to play smiling to myself as a group of children teamed up to create the world’s largest  den together. A great way to stay active and burn off all that chocolate!



Meanwhile I had a little treat hidden in the garden for my own children especially for the teens who felt too old to join in with the Coombe Mill hunt but who are really still kids at heart. On finding their Eggs they enjoyed a silly sibling moment together.


Breaking Easter Eggs


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall