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Posted on July 10th, 2015

Butterflies and Caterpillars 

 Making and Finding Minibeasts

Here on the farm I used to dread a wet Friday, activity hour in my kitchen felt a right squish and a squeeze!  However since Farmer Nick indulged my new farm fun time with its own purpose built marquee we can withstand a summer downpour and carry on regardless.  Just as well as after a glorious week the skies looked threatening on the last afternoon as we headed out to pull sticky weed from around the farm for our first activity.  Farmer Nick thought we were doing a spot of weeding for him but I dashed his hopes saying that our collecting wasn’t going to relieve him of his afternoon chores.


Picking some Sticky Weed

Back in the tent we were congratulating ourselves for beating the rain which then proceeded to lash down on the canvas above. It didn’t matter to us; we were already busy making caterpillars by wrapping our freshly gathered sticky weed around my collection of empty toilet rolls. It was harder than it sounds as the weed kept sticking to fingers and clothes just as the name suggests. Eventually we all managed to thread our weed covered rolls onto string to create perfect caterpillars which wiggled and squirmed along the floor when pulled.


Making the Toilet Roll Caterpillars


We chatted about the magical process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly before carefully cutting out our own butterfly shapes and print painting one side to another to make our own. These we taped to sticks which formed the body of the butterfly and gave the wings a perfect flap when waved around, just like butterflies flying in the wild.


Making the butterflies

The children loved these themed crafts; they were so simple and ideal for preschool ages. As the rain had stopped we used the last of our hour going on a real butterfly hunt.  We found a caterpillar and saw lots of meadow brown butterflies flying around in the long grass but they were so quick it was hard to point them out to the children or capture them on camera, we did a loop back through the Fairy garden to see the pretend ones on sticks that didn’t fly away!

In search of the minibeasts


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