Toddler Farm Adventures

Posted on May 14th, 2016

May  is the time when toddler farm visits come into their own. The school children are deep in SATS and more, whilst here on the farm it’s been toddler heaven. There is something quite magical watching little ones explore the farm, seeing their instant reaction to the animals and all that we offer here to keep them busy from dawn to dusk. Now that my own children are so far passed this point, I can look back fondly and appreciate this wonderful stage through the eyes of our holiday guests.

My favourite toddler farm captures from the week. 

We had just one chick hatch from our last batch of Rhode Island Red eggs, a dear little ‘Billy no mate’ apart from of cause some toddler farm cuddles. I love the gasp of amazement here on this little boys face on discovering the chick on our morning animal feed run.

Toddler Farm Adventures meeting a new born chick

Lambing may be finished, but watching our lambs frolicking in the field is a great time waster. We had a mini Farmer Nick this week who was very happy in the field playing shepherd rounding up the lambs and ewes for breakfast at the grand age of age two!  


We have a little shepherd helping Farmer Nick today

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The goats are always popular, whether in the field on the feed run or visiting in your own time, they are always up for a handful of food and being pygmy they are small enough not to intimidate even our youngest toddler farm visitors.


Always time to stop and feed a goat here

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However Queenie our hand raised kid goat remains everyone’s favourite on the farm this May encouraging even my own grown up kids to go out of their way to cuddle, walk and feed her.


Queenie is fast becoming the most adored animal on our farm. #goat #farm #farmlife #animallovers #Cornwall

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Holidaying with us

If you are thinking of a holiday with us do have a look at our prices for May next year which have been reduced for early bid bookings together with a few tempting September offers. Both are great times to visit the farm with preschool children.



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