Flowering in May at Coombe Mill

Posted on May 28th, 2016

The week in Focus 

I really enjoyed keeping my week in pictures last week on a single theme of our Cornish Longhouse. This week I thought I’d do the same but move my focus to the pretty shrubs and plants flowering in May here. Beautiful blue skies and warmer weather in our sheltered valley has brought the summer perennial plants out and the farm is awash with wonderful vibrant colours. It is always a pleasure to take a break from the office for a farm stroll armed with my camera.

Flowering in May on the Farm

This first photo is just taken on my i-phone catching the late afternoon sun on the Rhododendron bush at the edge of Water Mill Cottage garden. Flowering in May this striking tree never fails to deliver.



I thought it deserved a close up to show off the detail.



To the front of Water Mill is the most potent honeysuckle bush I have ever come across. In sunshine yellow it totally takes my breath away. If only I could bottle and sell the fragrance.



Lilac always reminds me of Cornish holidays as a child. I remember calling them butterfly trees as they attracted so many. We have a couple on the farm but the lack of butterflies these past few years is a little worrying.


Beautiful lilac on the farm. #flowers #summer #sky #farm #oretty #nature #countryside #lilac

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Perhaps one of the earliest trees flowering in May each year is the cherry blossom. Ours clung on to beautiful full flowers till the winds came midweek, after which it rained down like confetti across the lawns and train track.



I think this pretty pink flower is from a Red Broom. It is a bush that literally comes alive, flowering in May with delicate pink, or pink and yellow, flowers from ground up. Manoeuvring the lawnmower round the base is quite a challenge.

Red bush flowering in May at coombe Mill FAmily Farm cottage Holidays



Finally I can’t pretend to know what this last plant is high on the boarders of the garden to Eden lodge. But I love the fusion of colour between leaves, flower and sky.


The farm is looking its best in time for half term. I took this last photo out the window of Honeysuckle Cottage whilst doing my pre arrival checks before our holiday guests arrived this afternoon.


I hope you have a lovely week whether you are away on holiday or at home.

Fiona x


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