Beaches Near and Far

Posted on July 16th, 2016

This has been a week of two halves for me as Farmer Nick and I are currently spending a few days away seeing family in Athens and checking out the beaches down in the Peloponnese region.  We have our two eldest sons with us. The trip was arranged as a post GCSE and A level treat ahead of the results for the work they put in to their studies this year.

I have been so excited for this trip. It is a real chance for me to leave the business in the capable hands of Farmer Amber and enjoy some quality time with Nick and the boys, soaking up the Greek culture, good weather and making the most of time before Alistair goes to university (hopefully) in the autumn.  

Beaches Near and Far Taket he Beach Challenge Cornwall to Greece

Beaches from Cornwall to Greece

What really struck me after some beautiful beach days at home last week is just how similar a beach landscape can look on a sunny day. Granted they are less frequent in Cornwall, but when they come our coastline is stunning and the beaches some of the best around.  

Take the Beach Challenge

Can you tell which photos are taken in Cornwall and which in Greece?

Photo 1 

Beech challenge Cornwall or Greece

Photo 2 

Boats on the Beach

Photo 3 
Surfing at the beach for the Beaches challenge Cornwall and Greece

Photo 4 

Ally in the breakers

Photo With just sand and sea it is so hard to tell, yet as soon as a little landscape or people come into view the clues are there.

The first photo is Cornwall just before we left. The waves are actually around 4 foot here but it is hard to see from the photo taken up the beach.

The second is Greece. By excluding the surrounding landscape it is only the stony blackened sand and lack of wet suit that gives the location away.

The third photo is back in Cornwall. Guy carrying his surf board and wearing a wet suit should have been a good giveaway.

The last photo is from Greece. The little fishing boats are a typical sight along the beaches. The one we visited only had locals so there were no commercial water sports or lifeguards present. The waves gathered in the afternoon at the shelving water’s edge to make it look a little like Cornwall, but died back to completely flat each night.  

I will miss the lovely warm waters of the Mediterranean next week, but I still love the Cornish beaches and the fun of surfing the Atlantic waves.

How did you do in my beach challenge? Do you have a favourite beach?