Returning to a heat wave in Cornwall

Posted on July 23rd, 2016

Away in Greece

We have been away in Greece for the past week with our older two boys. It is years since we have flown abroad and a trip we all enjoyed. I took my last dip in the sea the morning we left and dug my only cardigan and jacket out of my case ready for England.


Early morning sunlight over the sea and sail boat at Kantia Greece

Heat wave to greet us back home 

Touching down at Heathrow I was convinced I’d gone full circle back to Greece. I swear the temperature was the same and our broken air conditioning in the car made for a sweaty car journey back to Cornwall. Even the evening temperature held up and as I stretched my legs with an evening walk catching up with Theo, who was deep in tales of the new Pokémon Go on his mobile. I was struck anew by the beauty of home, green of the landscape and richness of our sunset.


sunset in july heatwave in cornwall


Out on the feed run the following morning I had a chance to catch up with our new guests and hear of the marvellous heat wave they had been enjoying.

Checking the wings of chickens for flight on the farm in the Cornish  July heat wave


The whole farm was looking its very best in the summer heat wave and my huge thanks go to Farmer Amber and our local friends for caretaking the farm in our absence and looking after the younger children. The break in Greece had done us the world of good and the younger kids sound as though they had been spoilt rotten and not missed us for a minute. Though Clio was keen to show me her latest gymnastics achievement.

My clever girl mastering her gymnastics @hey_its_clio on the Coombemill train garden

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Benefits of a holiday 

Both Nick and I are refreshed and more than ready to take the reins again for the summer season ahead.  They boys have had a cultural fill to last a lifetime and established some memorable family links in Greece. When guests come to us and say how they completely switch off and feel refreshed from the holiday I now understand just what they mean. There is nothing quite like a good holiday for making the most of time together and time to rejuvenate body and soul for the year ahead with or without a heat wave.

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