Cornish Mizzle brings out the Flower Power

Posted on July 30th, 2016

Bye bye heat wave, hello Cornish Mizzle

With last week’s heat wave feeling like a distant memory replaced this week by periods of sun and Cornish mizzle; I turned to the amazing flowers in the Coombe Mill grounds for my photo inspiration.   

Yes mizzle is a real word, or at least here in Cornwall it is. As the word suggests it is a combination of sea mist and drizzle, which when it sets in has a stubborn tendency to lurk for a couple of hours or more.  Not ideal for our morning tractor rides to feed the animals or for our guests hoping for a day out at the beach. However the grounds here in our sheltered valley flourish in the warm damp conditions, leaving Farmer Nick and I endlessly mowing the lawns when the sun did come out and the guests making a dash for the beaches. As they return, with buckets and spades trailing behind them, the gardens look tidy and the flowers and wildlife hit the senses afresh mingled with that earthy ‘after the rain’ smell. It was following one such mizzle morning that I grabbed my camera to capture some of the flower power around me.

My journey began around Millers House. One of our original 16th Century cottages the flowers creep up the old stone walls, wisteria in spring and roses now.

Rose climbing the wall of Millers Holiday Cottage

Wild Lilies adorn the front gardens of the cottage

Wild lily in the farm gardens

The honeysuckle is still flowering and the colours an intense clash of peach and pink that only nature could get away with!

honeysuckle with vibrant peach and pink colours at Coombe Mill Holidays


Our less than perfect weeding reveals a handful of blackberries already ripe on the south facing slopes of our pretty valley. They made a tasty snack for my walk though I always feel tinged with sadness that autumn is just round the corner.

ripe blackberry in July on the sheltered farm slopes

Alongside the babbling stream I played with the shutter speed to capture the water flow as a smooth sheet. I’m quite pleased with the result.

Tranquil stream at Coombe Mill Holidays


This last photo is overlooking one of the lakes. It is only a weed but looks so pretty round the lake and the bees are thrilled with their presence, they must be a good source of pollen at the moment.


waterside flower and bee by the Coombe Mill Lake with mizzle droplets forming


I hope the coming week brings more sun and less mizzle and rain for everyone.