How to make your own Pirate Ship and Treasure Map

Posted on July 31st, 2016

Trash 2 Treasure August

“Arrrr me lovelies” and welcome to my third post on ‘How to Make’ pirate crafts. I began with simple pirate crafts with a cutlass and eye patch, moved onto a Treasure box and treasure and now am looking at the all important Pirate Ship and Treasure Map in this post. These pirate activities have been used at Coombe Mill with huge success in our weekly Activity hour session. Every time we run a pirate afternoon I add something new to keep things fresh and interesting. The pirate ship started life as a rowing boat, then was combined with a Maypole from our May Day dancing to finally form a Pirate Boat. Treasure Maps are an old favourite the children always enjoy. Both activities are great for inspiring creativity and imagination in children. 

How to make a Pirate Ship and a Treasure Map

Pirate Ship

What you’ll need:-

  • Large cardboard box, we used one our new running machine had arrived in for the Coombe Mill Gym
  • Strong pole or stick, we used a pole from an old ripped windbrake
  • Duct Tape colours
  • Floristry ribbon in your choice of colours. Red, white and back would be best though ours was multi-coloured reused from Maypole dancing the previous week!  
  • Sticks 
  • Scissors

What you'll need for the Pirate ship


  1. Push your pole or stick into the ground (you may need to use a mallet or stone to help) and measure your lengths of floristry ribbon to make your mast and rigging.
  2. Attach the Floristry Ribbon to the top of the pole with Duck Tape Colours.
Pirate Ship Steps 1 and 2
Pirate Ship Step 3 Putting together the Mast and the Ship
  1. Cut a hole in the base of your cardboard box and slide it over your mast and rigging.
  1. Tie your ‘rigging’ to the box, if your box doesn’t have pre-cut handles like ours did you may need to cut holes to use. 
Pirate Ship Step 4 attaching the Rigging to the Ship
Pirate Ship step 5, Creating the oars.
  1. Cut small holes along each side of your box and push sticks through to create oars. 

Your ship is ready for your pirates to climb aboard and sing some shanty songs. We invented a take on the classic Row row row your boat as follows:

Row row row your ship

gently over the sea,

If you see a pirate coming

don’t forget to scream,


Kids singing in the Pirate Ship

Treasure Map

What you’ll need:-

  • Paper or wall paper roll
  • Pens or paint
  • Tea bag

What You'll Need for the Treasure Map


  1. Fold your piece of A4 paper in half 
Treasure Map Step 1 Fold your piece of paper in half
Treasure Map Step 2 Tear around the edges of the paper
  1. Keeping it folded, tear around the edge to make it look old and tattered.
  1. Unfold and design and colour your map
Treasure Map Step 3 Design the Map
Treasure Map Step 4, age it with an old teabag
  1. Dab the map with a used tea bag to age it.

A few fun additions you could try:-

  • Try Adding a Pirate Flag with a stick and paper or fabric to the mast of your ship
  • Why not make a group treasure map. We used a section of Wallpaper taped to the ground to do this with each child adding their own unique map attributes.

Painting the giant Treasure Map

Vlog tutorial for How to Make a Pirate Ship and Treasure Map

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