Goat Carrying Like Babes In Arms

Posted on August 6th, 2016

Fun and Adventure from the Start

It is easy to forget with some truly wet days this week that they were in fact sandwiched between some beautiful days too. There is nothing better than arriving on holiday to sunshine and warmth. This week everyone was in high spirit as the sunshine continued for the first farm ride on Sunday morning. Over half the children had stayed with us before and they had adventure and fun written all over their faces right from the start with hands shooting up to be first to drive the tractor.

Tractor driving on the farm

Spontaneous Goat Carrying Challenge

I never expected a goat carrying challenge to begin but while Nick dashed off to investigate a fallen tree through the deer fence, I was left in charge of goat feeding. It’s quite hard to take photos, hold the feed buckets and watch the children to make sure everyone has a turn at feeding. I failed at the photos.  However as the feed bucket emptied, the children began to develop their own spontaneous goat carrying challenge. I quickly abandoned the feed bucket over the fence to free a hand and untangle my camera from round my neck. I’m so pleased I did, unexpected moments like these are there to be captured.  

Boy carrying Rocky the goat at Coombe Mill Holidays

Rocky and Sprout are both hand raised and more than happy to be treated like babies. They made easy targets for the children and their goat carrying antics and really looked to be lapping up the attention in the photos. The children were thrilled by their conquest and more and more came it to have a hold.

Goat carrying and cuddles for Sprout by holiday guests on the farm

I think the kids could have spent all day in with the goats and the goats in turn would have been happy to stay and play, but there were more animals waiting patiently for their breakfast to arrive.  

Carrying Sprout the goat at Coombe Mill 

I love to see the children interacting with such confidence with our animals. It is often those returning who have the confidence to lead, while those who are new naturally stand back to watch and learn before joining in themselves.