Preschool enjoyment for our Indian Summer

Posted on September 17th, 2016

The temperatures have been unusually mild for September this week and it has suited our preschool age children perfectly. No need to worry about too many layers and no sliding around in mud on the farm. Instead we have been enjoying some lovely mornings feeding the animals. Friendships have been building and confidence growing.  This week I’m sharing just a few of the morning highlights. All of these photos are candid shots when the children were unaware of my presence. I love capturing their excitement and wonder on the farm when they discover something new. These photos were taken on Wednesday when the mist and drizzle had lifted to give a glorious summer’s day. Everyone had been on at least one feed run before and yet still there are new things to discover all guided by Farmer Nick.

A Preschool Week of Farm Fun

The Tractor ride takes the children over Coombe Bridge from where I shared photos last Sunday. Arm gestures suggest something has caught the eye of the little girl riding up front and she is pointing it out to Farmer Nick as they cross the river.


Tractor conversation with Farmer Nick


I ran back under the river but couldn’t see anything but the usual beautiful view.


Autumn hues Under Coombe Bridge


Hunting for eggs is always a favourite talk for the preschool children and this photo captures the delight of a family collecting their haul inside a Coombe Mill hat to show Farmer Nick.


Collecting eggs on the Coombe Mill morning animal feed run


Queenie the goat really should be weaned off her bottle now but she is still so tiny we have kept it going to the delight of all who have a turn feeding her.


preschool child feeding queenie the Coombe Mill farm goat


Staying at Coombe Mill is a very social experience for all ages. These two have formed a lovely bond going hand in hand round the farm. They even teamed up to try and pull the sword from the stone together. Sadly for them the stone remains, dashing their hopes of being the next Kind and Queen of Coombe Mill!


Pulling king arthur's sword with preschool teamwork


The autumn light makes the deer field perfect for photos. The preschool children trekked right up the field with farmer Nick for a close up of the deer. I hung back to see them peep through the trees and check if all was clear before coming down to eat.


Coombe Mill deer watching our holiday makers through the trees


As the deer hunters returned the last deer prepared to run away, they are such shy animals.


A deer hunt at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

We may run the feed run each morning, but there is always something new. Today it was a surprise toad heading into the preschool play barn at the end. Still in full animal mode the children were only to keen to study the little toad up close.


preschool child investigating a farm toad


If you have a preschool age child and fancy joining us this autumn we still have a few spaces for most weeks and piglets due shortly too.

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall