How to Make Chattering Ghost Bunting

Posted on October 2nd, 2016

With Halloween approaching I am looking at ways to decorate the farm and transform our train tunnel into a Halloween ghost ride. There are all kinds of wonderful things in the shops but they do come at a price, so where I can I like to upcycle and create my own ideas to mix in with the shop bought items.  My chattering ghost bunting idea comes from a recent discovery of how versatile tin cans are.  I have already used them to make tea light candle holders, scarecrows and garden butterfly decorations, and I was sure there would be a Halloween interpretation I could create. My Halloween farm days are becoming so popular over half term and I always like to have something new for returning guests.  

How to Make Chattering Ghost Bunting

 What you’ll need for chattering ghost bunting

  • String
  • Tin cans, larger or fizzy drinks ones are best.
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Black marker pen
  • A little tissue or kitchen roll

Things you need to make chattering ghost bunting for Halloween


  1. Wash out your tin can and drain well, make an incision into the can at both ends and cut of the top and bottom saving the can pull.
Cut the ends of the can
Cut open and Dry the Can
  1. Cut up the middle of your remaining tube, flatten and dry the inside with tissue.
  1. Use a marker pen to draw the outline of two ghosts
Draw your Ghost Shapes
Cut out your Ghost Shapes
  1. Cut out your Ghosts
  1. Hole punch in two Eyes and use marker pen to draw around the eyes to give them clarity and a spooky look. 
Punch and draw the Ghost Eyes
Hang the Ghosts on the line
  1. When you have a collection of ghosts thread them onto the string separated by a ring pull between each ghost.
  1. Hang them up in a tree and listen to them chatter in the wind!
Ghosts Chattering in the Wind

A Vlog tutorial on how to Make chattering ghost Bunting



A few additions you could try

  • Try cutting bat shapes or pumpkins from an Orange Tango tin instead.
  • Instead of bunting you could just use a nail to tack them onto a tree or fence as I did with my butterflies.



I think my Chattering Ghost bunting will form part of a Treasure Hunt of things to spot on the farm at Halloween.

Do you have any thrifty makes for Halloween? Please come and share them on my upcycling monthly link up Trash 2 Treasure.

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