Autumn is the new Spring

Posted on October 15th, 2016

I make no secret of the fact that spring is my favourite time on the farm. I adore the longer days, new life on the farm with plants bursting forth and baby animals being born. To me it is the optimum time for a holiday here to take advantage of all this. However something has changed this year and autumn is the new spring.

So what’s changed this autumn?

Autumn has been uncharacteristically mild with dry sunny days and beautiful sunrises.  The spring bulbs are quite confused and showing their hand already while the animal kingdom is also upside down. Our bunnies have a real spring in their step and are finally “breading like rabbits”. All summer our boys failed us and now we have two litters. With a little muddle up from our end we have 10 gorgeous bouncing piglets born last week and Bully, our naughty nanny goat, is expecting.  It is only the chickens who are not fooled, their egg production is governed by daylight hours and they know the days are shortening. There is much searching each morning but only a couple of eggs.

Best of both worlds

Our guests staying this autumn have been having the best of both worlds. Lovely autumn colours combined with spring growth, low season prices, baby animals on the farm and the warmest sea temperatures of the season! I will be sharing more on our piglets on the blog tomorrow but for now here are a few photos highlighting why for us autumn is the new spring and all the beauty it brings:


With a skyline like like waking in the morning has been a joy.

October sunrise on the farm at Coombe Mill Holidays, Cornwall



New born piglets and sunshine keep the morning feed run busy

2016 Piglets in Farmer Nick's Arms

These cuties elicit an “aw” everyday

Twin bunnies in Farmer Nick's safe hands

Spring growth is bursting forth in the warm October sunshine down in our sheltered valley

Sping growth in Autumn in the warm Coombe Mill Valley

Yet autumn colours and crunchy fallen leaves intermingle with the spring shoots. 

Autumn is the new spring

We could be looking at a Halloween baby here and a sibling for Queenie

Pregnant Coombe Mill Nanny goat due at Halloween

Autumn is the new spring for all bar the chickens who are not fooled into increasing their egg production for us.

Hunting for chicken eggs in October on the farm

I wonder if our friendly robin is confused by the gorgeous spring weather too.

Robin redbreast thinking autumn is the new spring

Autumn is the new spring with extra value at Coombe Mill

With the seasons changing we have been adjusting our prices, we now have the same low prices in Spring as we have in Autumn so weather you fancy autumn with our piglets and crunchy falling leaves  or spring with daffodils and lambs you’ll find the same great out of season value at Coombe Mill.