Autumn colours on the farm

Posted on October 22nd, 2016

Autumn appears to be gathering momentum these past few years as the romantic season.  Visions of autumn colours, crisp sunny days, crunchy leaves and woodland walks certainly fill my mind. To be fair the weather has helped to promote this image with glorious sunny days that can be biting cold at first but then have you stripping to a T shirt by the time the afternoon school run comes round, only to feel the autumn  chill again as the sun fades in the sky.

I have been as guilty as anyone of rejoicing in the autumn colours here on the farm. One of my favourite times of day is my early morning farm checks. Farmer Nick tends to do the morning school runs while I check the farm.  This is ostensibly to ensure the health and safety of our animals and ensure no animal is lying feet upwards for the guests to discover on the morning tractor and trailer ride. However this month I have been spinning out my “chore” as I can’t resist capturing the romantic beauty of the farm at this time of day.  Already the leaves are tumbling down with every gust of wind or overnight rain storm, yet as soon as the sunlight catches those still hanging deep in our secluded valley their beauty take my breath away.

Autumn colours make the romantic season come alive

They may not be the most professional, but I’m sharing a few of my favourite autumn colour images this week:


Autumn colours with morning sunlight over the river 

Autumn colours with sunlight over the river

Golden leaves still wet from the overnight rain

Golden leaves still wet from the overnight rain

Mist lifting from the valley

Mist rising over Cornish Coombe Mill valley in autumn

An evening stroll at Sunset

Evening Stroll over Coombe Mill Farm

Our neighbours sheep taken from the top of our lane

Cornish sheep in the autmn evening light


Does autumn conjure up romantic images in your mind too?

Interestingly only 2 of the photos this week were on my Nikon, the rest being iPhone snaps. Can you tell one from the other? There is a clarity difference, but to me it shows the best camera is the camera on you when you see a good shot.