Halloween Fun Day at Coombe Mill

Posted on November 4th, 2016

Half term and Halloween may have come out of sync in recent years, but there was no way our regular guests were going to let that stop the fun they expected from a half term holiday here. It has become something of a tradition on the last day to have a massive Halloween fun day. Each year in my endeavor to ensure it lives up to expectations the activities grow. Not surprisingly this year was our most exciting yet.

Trick or Treat at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

When I say Halloween fun day I really mean a full day.

Halloween fun day timetable

Fancy Dress Feed Run

We like to make the most of those spooky outfits so we begin with a fancy dress feed run. I had decorated the tractor and trailer the previous afternoon and left it hidden in Farmer Nick’s shed. There were children who had held back from taking a turn at driving all week just to be able to drive on the Halloween fun day ride.  Thankfully high spirits and scary clothes didn’t put the animals off their breakfast!

Halloween Fun Day Fancy Dress Feed Run

There were a welcome couple of hours after this for everyone to enjoy lunch and their last day on the farm while I rustled up my children to help Amber and I undress the Feed run trailer and add all the decorations to the Ghost Train and then stage the clues for the scary Scavenger Trail. It was a race against the clock for us but we made it back to the games room for 2.30 with everything in place for the rest of the Halloween fun day activities.


We made tin cans into devils, pumpkins, monsters and black cats with crape paper and paint and left them to dry for games later on.


Making scary tin cans for Halloween games later.

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Toilet rolls became mini devils and Frankenstein’s and I took inspiration from last week’s woodland weaving making spiders to take to the giant web, which was still going strong down by the river.



I couldn’t believe this week’s children hadn’t spotted the giant web, it was a whole new discovery to find the web and add their spiders. 


spider web weaving at Coombe Mill Halloween Fun Day

Halloween Trail

Our fun day continued as the children joined us for a Halloween Trail challenge. Handing out trail sheets and pens the they were tasked with counting how many of the marked items they saw along the walk.  

Halloween Woodland Trail


Amber was waiting at the end of the trail with her witch’s cauldron to collect completed sheets. These were exchanged for a dip into the pot where the children rummaged between the bones and skin (twigs and leaves) for a gold token to buy them a ghost train ride.


Halloween Woodland Trail: Collecting Golden Tokens on Completion


Queuing is never a problem with the rope swing, bamboo tunnel and stream to entertain while waiting to dip into the cauldron.


Playing along the Halloween Trail at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Halloween Games

We left everyone playing down the Halloween trail to set up the games. This was a chance to run off some excess energy, test the children’s teamwork skills and bring a little silliness and competition into play. We could have run this session for much longer as after an hour and a half the kids were still going strong but my voice was failing and darkness setting in!

Our tin cans were put to use in team tower building competitions. Tactics and teamwork were essential to build the highest tower.



Moving over to the lawn our tins were used for racing games along with broom sticks, the competitive side in the children really shone through and I was delighted to see my triplets join in too after helping to organise things all day.

Halloween Fun Day Games at Coombe Mill Holidays


We quietened everyone down with pin the arm on the skeleton with forfeits and the ever popular apple bobbing and find the sweet in the flour.


Halloween Apple Bobbing, Find the sweet and pin the arm on the skeleton games


Musical bumps and musical statues was much harder to judge than I imagined, I think everyone must have been seasoned party goers!


Musical statues at the Coombe Mill Halloween fun day

Ghost Train

Some of the younger children must have been flagging by now, but they certainly weren’t going to let it show, as they all raced over for the ghost train. I collected gold coins from the Halloween walk as the children boarded and with squeals of joy Guy led lap after lap round the track and through the spooky tunnel.


Halloween Ghost Train at Coombe Mill Holidays

Trick or Treat

No Halloween fun day would be complete without a little Trick or Treating. Here at Coombe Mill we make this an organised procession from property to property. A lit pumpkin signifies we are welcome and we do our utmost to ensure little ones go first and older children, who can be inclined to push in their excitement, go after.  They system works well with each door only being knocked on once all evening and a parent from the group running ahead to open up for us. I was thrilled to see not only pumpkins but wonderful house decorations to welcome us too.


Trick or Treat at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


Thank you to all the parents for making this last part of the day so successful for the children. Each finished with a huge haul of goodies and crafts to remember their Halloween fun day at Coombe Mill.

If you would like to join us next year, all the activities for the Halloween fun day are free for our October half term guests but, be quick this is a popular week!  

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