Frosty Morning Farmers Warning

Posted on November 12th, 2016

Watch out Jack Frost is about! After the excitement here of our Halloween Fun Day and then taking our own children to the Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations last weekend it was with sheer delight that I woke to a frosty morning on Monday. Coming home from the school run I headed straight for my camera and some frosty morning photos.


Holiday Lodgea at Coombe Mill on a frosty morning in November


Our holiday cottages and lodges are almost empty this week, with just a couple of regular fishermen come to take advantage of our lakes and river. I feel it is such a shame more people can’t get away at this time of year; with heating and wood burners, indoors can be toasty with outdoors refreshingly cold and simply stunning.  The winter sun takes it’s time to reach our sheltered valley and melt away the frost, giving me plenty of time for a good walk round. However this morning frost will surely be the death of the last hydrangea on the farm.


hydrangea at Coombe Mill on a frosty morning in November


A frosty morning gives a bluish tinge to the grass and make spiders webs glow.  My fingers tingle as I walk and I hear my feet crunch through the leaves and crispy blades of grass. Steam rises from the river making it appear deceptively warm. Sunlight creeps down the valley, eventually reaching the bottom turning the blue hues to gold and reflecting on the river.


river bridge in sun on a frosty morning in November


The golden shades of autumn are still clinging to some of the trees, while the fallen leaves pile up on the road bridge and behind dams in the river made by the children back in the summer.


Leaves in the river in autumn


My fingers begin to fail without gloves and I head back for a steaming cuppa refreshed and ready to begin my days work. The animals now need hay as the grass is no longer growing and low rainfall means all the water feeders need checking. The longer the rain holds off the better, I wonder if this might even be the year we see snow? My triplets at age 12 can barely remember what snow feels like; it must be 6 years since we had any here in Cornwall.

Have you enjoyed a frosty morning yet this season?


Adding this last photo from a run yesterday evening. By the time you read this post I will most likely be accompanying my scouts for parade. Fingers crossed it is dry and not too cold if you are at an outdoor service too.

Lest we forget. #remembrance #Cornwall #armisticeday #remebranceday #lestweforget #memorial

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