Frosty January Morning on an Eerily Quiet Farm

Posted on January 7th, 2017

 We have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas on the farm. The atmosphere has been buzzing with excited children. I’ve so much to share of our adventures over the coming weeks. So far I’ve just covered our Christmas activity crafts and games but Two Tiny Hands has written a lovely overview of Christmas with us. We raced from Christmas into a busy New Year with more celebrations and some of the best winter weather you could hope for.  Yet all too quickly the 3rd January arrived, the last holiday  guests made an early getaway and I grabbed my camera after the school run to capture a little of the eerie quiet of a stunning frosty January morning as it unfolded around me.

Sun peeping over the valley beyond our now quiet holiday lodges.  

Coombe Mill Family Farm Holiday lodges in winter frost

With the temperature reading -6 this is the coldest morning of the winter so far. Even after the school run on this frosty January morning, the sun was only just climbing over the tree tops leaving the valley floor at Coombe Mill with a crystal clear blue haze of cold.

The Peahen merges into her frosty surroundings, one of the few birds not yet indoors from the bird flu scare, but she is too wise to fall for our catching tricks.

peahen in frost  on the farm in January


Down by one of the frozen lakes the first sunlight casts an orange glow across the ice.

frozen lake at Coombe Mill in January


However I opted not to sit and watch the patch of orange spread as the old lakeside bench was thick with frost in the shadows.

January frosty morning by the Coombe Mill Lake


 The goats were hanging around their hay feeder bleating for Farmer Nick to call.

Frosty January Morning in the goat field at Coombe Mill Holidays


Gloating the in distance were the donkeys chomping happily on their fresh supplies.

Donkeys munching hay on a Frosty January Morning


Returning home the third floor of our home was basking in sunlight, yet looks can be deceiving, warmth and the coffee machine were calling.

Millers Lodge in winter sun at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall

Have you enjoyed a Frosty January Morning this week?