Cornish Daffodils and Snowdrops

Posted on January 21st, 2017

The snow may have passed us by for yet another winter but our early Cornish daffodils and snowdrops littered along the country hedgerows are a joy to behold. Out and about this week I’ve literally witnessed them burst into life with a few sunny days. For me this is the taste of spring I’ve been waiting for. 

Have you spotted any Cornish Daffodils for sale ? 

The startling yellow is such a breath of fresh air after the drab brown of winter.  If you go to buy a bunch from your local market, do ask when they originate from as they may well be Cornish Daffodils. There are fields and fields dedicated to growing them commercially throughout Cornwall and daffodil pickers are always in demand around this time of year.  


Cornish Daffodils in January


Here on the farm it is not just the daffodils bursting into bloom but the snowdrops too. Delicate clumps of white little the sides of the pathways and twinkle in the afternoon sun.


Cornish snowdrops in January sun


Elsewhere one in a clump stands proud while the rest are still just shoots.


Single Cornish Snowdrop on the Farm in January


These beautiful blooms will continue throughout January right into April to be replaced by the start of the wild garlic in May. More of a shock than the Cornish Daffodils and snowdrops which are renowned for their early appearance was spotting these Red Campion in full flower. This is something I usually don’t expect to see until March at the earliest.  Yet walking back through the neighbour’s farm they were in full bloom tilting their flowers towards the January sun.


Cornish red campion


I have a feeling spring is going to come early here on the farm in Cornwall. Sunset has already moved back to nearly 5pm


Cornish sunset in January


Don’t forget we are open all year, if you fancy a winter break weekends are available and it really is starting to look like spring here in Cornwall, why not wrap up warm and give the family a treat.  


Family on holiday on the farm at coombe Mill in January