January’s Farm is Filled with Calm

Posted on January 28th, 2017

It has been years since I can remember a winter like this one.  Days of frosty mornings, temperatures only climbing as the sun creeps over the valley giving way to glorious afternoons with a taste of spring and real warmth from the sun. Yet it is still January’s farm and by mid afternoon that spring sun climbs up the opposite side of the valley with visible speed leaving behind a heavy reminder that winter is in fact still in charge.   That said, compared to the past few years of endless warm rainy days with fears for the safety of the animals catching pneumonia from the damp and everyone squelching in mud, this year is like the winter wonderland of postcards and childhood fairytales.

A January Afternoon

I have shared plenty of frosty morning photos over the past weeks, the joy of my morning farm rounds as the sun rises over the valley, so today I’m sharing the late afternoon. That half hour in the day as the sun beats down its last rays before retreating up the hill.

Out on the farm the animals know this is the time of day to savour, they can all be found quietly soaking up the sun. I wonder if they appreciate how lucky they have been this year, or remember the rain of January’s farm last year.


Goats at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays in the January afternoon sun


Down by the lakes the sun has left a warm glaze over the water which sits as still as can be apart from the odd carp rising to the surface or the wild ducks coming for a swim.   Our farm ducks and geese are all now indoors. More on how we’ve managed that on the blog tomorrow.


January's Farm with Yellow Gorse of Cornwall over the lake

January’s Farm at Sunset

 I can’t resist trekking up through our deer field and out onto the lane to follow the sun’s retreat up the valley.  I am rewarded at the top with a beautiful sky looking out towards the sea.


January's Farm at Sunset


I wonder what February’s Farm will bring?