Weekly Farm Photo

May 16, 2015 at 11:36 PMCoombeMill

Every year Rudolf, our male stag, sheds his antlers. These are made of bone and very heavy. This young girl was first to spot one on our morning search of the deer field, she was delighted with her find and indulged in a little fun for us all. The pair are now mounted on the front of our reception next to last years set. 


Stag Antler found in the deer field at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall. UK

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

May 15, 2015 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill

Wildflower Learning and Crafts

Activity hour changes by the week, every time I think I am going to be easy on myself and repeat an activity I think of something new I want to try! With all the spring flowers bursting forth on the farm I wanted to see if I could create a craft around these. The children staying ranged in age from 2 to 5 so I knew it had to be something engaging, easy to complete and colourful. It didn't take me long to have a plan forming that was easily going to use up our hour.

Wildflower Hunt and Bookmark Craft

As everyone gathered around the craft tent I explained what we had planned for the afternoon. First we were going to design our collecting baskets from a sheet of coloured paper, and then we would be off on a wildlife trail to fill them with wildflowers before returning for more crafting fun with our colourful collection.

Starting a session with some colouring suited all ages as the older children drew recognisable spring flowers and butterflies while the younger's children delighted in messy patterns. When everyone was ready we turned our artwork into collecting baskets and were ready for a farm wildflower hunt.

Making the Collecting Baskets

To give us some guidance on things to collect we had printed and laminated our farm wildflower hunt from the Coombe Mill education pages, as created for us with twinkl. Everyone took a sheet and a felt tip pen to tick of each flower they found and add it to their collecting baskets.

Ticking off the Flowers

This took longer than I had bargained on as the children were determined to find every flower scouring the farm hedgerows, river bank and fairy garden. They beamed with delight as they found what they were searching for.

Flower Hunting

Back at the tent we set to work on our bookmarks. I had taken a photo of the children on the farm before hand and each used this photo to personalise their bookmark, a tip I picked up from a post last year from Susan K Mann.  From here the children arranged their favourite flowers and embellished the design with felt tip. We used sellotape to hold them in place and give strength to the bookmarks. When they finished one side we turned them over and repeated the process by which time they were surprisingly sturdy.  For a finishing touch we punched a hole at the bottom and added some floristry ribbon tassels. 

Making the Bookmarks

Guy was blowing the whistle to call the children for the train at 5pm while I taped the last few bookmarks.  I was delighted with the attention to detail and concentration of all the children during this task and everyone had a bespoke book mark to take home as a keepsake for their night time stories.  

Finished Bookmarks

If you are here with us on the farm I run activity hour every Friday when there are 5 or more children staying. Children learn from each other and enjoy an hour in the fresh air cementing friendships and finishing their holiday on a memorable note. You can find other craft ideas and tutorials on past activities under my Farm Crafts section here on the blog.


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A few of my favourites from last week:

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Let kids be kids made their own bubble machines, a lovely simple to do activity for the garden or park

The Joy of five enjoyed a day of mini beast studies which had the children captivated. 




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




Take the stress out of family travel

May 11, 2015 at 10:50 PMCoombeMill

"I'm Bored!"

Are you familiar with some of these classic "I'm bored" variations coming from the back seats on a long car journey?

  • "Are we nearly there yet?" when you are 5 minutes up the road.

  • "I'm hungry" knowing you have a stash of goodies on board.

  • "I'm thirsty" to draw out that delicious juice they saw peeping out of your handbag  only to be followed rather too swiftly with " I need a wee".

  • "My legs hurt" cue to make you stop the car at the next opportunity for a run a round.

  • "Floppy is on the floor" - accompanies by hysterics as you stretch round to pick up a favourite soft toy only to find this repeated every 5 minutes thereafter.

To be fair this may all sound a nightmare but worse still is in store for those with children prone to car sickness or babies too young to give you the car virtual run around and who simply revert to crying in that distressed style that pulls at your heart.

Yet let's face it, if you want to go on holiday, visit distant family or friends or even enjoy a day trip that isn't right on your doorstep then long car journeys are a part of that process. Thankfully most of you manage it, although I do see my fair share of 'thank goodness we're here' faces stepping into our reception on a Saturday afternoon.  


De-Stress Your Car Journey


Tips for the trip

If journeys in the car with young children fill you with dread there is help at hand.  These are my top tips for managing based on my own experience and those used by our holiday makers making the journey to Coombe Mill. See which work for you and hopefully the holiday will justify the journey!

  1. Travel when it is quiet on the roads and during children's nap times

    It is a real result if the kids fall asleep for a good chunk of the journey. Try travelling in the evening after tea and bath time with the children in their pyjamas, or first thing in the morning before they are really awake and they might just drop off with the drone of the engine. The chances are with clearer roads the journey time will be less too. Often our guests will arrive early and enjoy a day on the beach before checking in or leave late on the last evening to travel at night.  

    Sleeping Guy

  2. Keep kids entertained

    If you are travelling by day have things ready in the car to keep little minds busy. In car DVD's or hand held players or tablets are great if you have them, otherwise colouring or drawing or puzzle books can be fun or try some in car games like Bingo . Even a simple game of i-spy can keep the children going for hours; though mine always caught me out with something beginning with "s" and the answer would be "Ceiling" so remember to think outside the box!

    Keeping Kids entertained

  3. Schedule in a stop

    Take a break for a picnic lunch, or something the children can look forward to on the journey, it makes a great bribe and something to look forward to. Many travelling to us stop at Peppa Pig world to tire the children out on the way down or home.

    A scheduled picnic break stop

  4. Be Prepared

    Keep a stack of snacks and drinks in case you end up in a traffic jam or need to make a detour. Keep the traffic reports on the radio and use a sat nav to take advantage of an alternative route if you discover there is a problem ahead, it could save you hours.

    Being prepared for the journey


Win a Tom Tom  Sat Nav with Coombe Mill

If you don't have a sat nav or yours could do with an update why not enter to win this brand new Tom Tom Start 25 5-inch with lifetime maps of Europe included courtesy of i car insurance. Give yourself that confidence for a long journey with a plan to keep the kids happy too.


Win a Sat Nav


To be in with a chance of winning just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part for this fabulous prize.


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 I have not received any payment to write this post which is all my own content however I am very grateful to i Car Hire Insurance for the giveaway prize.

Exposing my Indian Secret

May 10, 2015 at 10:00 PMCoombeMill

Onion Bhajis Made Easy 

I have been experimenting again in the kitchen and come up with a really easy way to make great tasting authentic Onion Bhajis. Anyone who follows my What's Cooking Category here on the blog will know I'm a real scratch cook with a dislike for ready meals and try to ensure my family have a decent nutritious meal every evening. That said I am no kitchen goddess and all my meals are prepared in half an hour to an hour. This recipe for Bhajis is so simple and quick to make yet tastes authentic and never fails to delight the family with or impress when I have friends to supper.


Onion Bhajis made in minutes


Indian food can be as complicated or as simple as you chose, it is certainly not something to be scared of, I do cheat with buying the spice blends rather than mixing my own but after that the cooking is really simple, all my Indian dishes are inspired from food I eat at The Raj in Wadebridge, our local friendly Restaurant. I'm sure they make their meals quite differently to me but I love the challenge of tasting the flavours and textures and experimenting to recreate this myself as all my family adore Indian food.

Indian bhajis as a starter or side dish to a curry meal

To prove just how easy this recipe is I have vlogged the whole process instead of sharing in picture steps. It is only a couple of minutes long, which illustrates how quick and easy these are. If you are a fan of your local curry house, do give these a try, I think you will be surprised how authentic they taste and are a perfect starter or curry accompaniment served with a simple salad and a little mango chutney.

Do let me know how you get on or if you enjoyed this post. I'll happily share some of my other curry dishes which are all equally easy if you like this one.




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Silent Sunday / Project 52 / My Sunday Photo

May 9, 2015 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill

This Was Lily, one of two rabbits at Coombe Mill that this little girl fell in love with on holiday here with us.  Both her favourite rabbits made the journey home with her and are now the family pets, a constant reminder of a memorable farm holiday. The family are booked to return next year and I look forward to an update on how Rosie and Lily are doing.


Bunny adoration at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

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