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January 12, 2013 at 12:06 AMCoombeMill

Making Fire Down on the Farm

"I'm lighting a bonfire anyone going to help me?" Daddy booms and is rewarded by a stampede of little feet rushing to find their wellies! Whether it is the danger, the heat, playing with nature or time with us I'm not sure, but my children love to make camp fires or join their Dad for a really big bonfire. The first one of 2013 is always memorable as all the Christmas trees go up in smoke. Add to this paper rubbish and fallen branches and we are set for an afternoon of fun. The other children on holiday with us were only too glad to come and lend a hand; "Farmer Nick's little helpers club" goes further than just the animals! 


Bonfire Fun at the Farm


Some adventures are best shown on video and this is one of them.  All their antics caught on film while they were busy working playing including Nick's surprise for them all at the end. Their faces are a picture! 




Joining In with Country Kids

Have you been outdoors with the kids this week? Please grab the badge and come and share your ideas for enjoying some fresh air time here on the linky. Whether it is play time, learning, crafts or an exciting day trip I love to see them all and gleem ideas for our next outing!  

I have set up a Google+ community for Country Kids and I'd be delighted to see you there too. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

September 8, 2012 at 12:00 AMCoombeMill

Blackberry Picking on the Farm

The months are marching past this year. After our success at Raspberry picking last month I was determined not to miss the blackberries here on our farm and the children had already identified where all the best places were. Dressed quite inappropriately in shorts and flip flops after a lovely day on the beach, we set out on the farm for some easy pickings. The children were correct and there were plenty of juicy berries to choose from without risking our toes in the brambles! 

Blackberry picking on Coombemill Farm

Making Blackberry Buns Together

Memories of colourful cupcakes still fresh in their minds the children opted to make blackberry buns from their haul. Using my 'oh so simple cake mix' we soon set to work. There was division in the ranks over whole blackberries verses smooth mix, we compromised with some of each and they were in the oven to bake within minutes.

Farm Blackberry Buns in making

My Entrepreneurial Kids

Never ones to let a pocket money opportunity pass them by, they asked if they could sell them round the cottages and lodges to our holiday makers. I hate to dampen their ideas, but was nervous at the thought of our poor guests being bombarded by my children so we agreed some rules. Yes they could knock on the doors, provided they remembered their manners, restricted the price to 20p per bun and said thank you and left if they chose not to buy one. We iced them and added a blackberry on the top for the finished effect and off they went. They were triumphant in their sales and sold out with just under £6 to split between them. I did sneak a couple and concluded that the whole blackberry version worked the best.

Selling Farm Buns to the cottages and Lodges at Coombe Mill

Ice Cream with the Leftovers!

Another really simple recipe I made up is raspberry ice cream. I simply substituted blackberries this time and we had it decanted and into the freezer in under 5 minutes.  I didn't bother with the second whisk at the slushy stage and it was no worse as a result, so it is now an even easier recipe with the same great result! 

Coombe Farm Blackberry Ice Cream

Joining In

What have you been up to recently with the kids? I know it has been back to school for many, have you managed to get out after school, the weekend or enjoyed the lovely late summer burst with preschool children? Please come and share your outdoor fun together here on my linky. Badge below, you know the drill!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

September 1, 2012 at 12:00 AMCoombeMill

D.I.Y Karting Fun with Farmer Nick

After a quiet cycle ride with my eldest turned horribly wrong and his chain buckled and broke (he was fine), Theo the ever resourceful and imaginative one decided to use the wheels, together with that of another old bike to make a go kart! He may be full of ideas and enthusiasm, but his design 'know how', beyond needing wheels, at age 10 is still somewhat lacking. Cue a little help from Daddy! Guy and Jed were quick to muscle in on the action and all assembled with Dad in the big shed to set about their task. It was a full morning's work and only Theo was prepared to help Dad all the way with the building, Guy and Jed dancing around popping too and fro largely to check on their progress.

Inspired by old tyresDesign discussionsGetting down to work

On go the wheelsMid way testFinal structure to hold the wheels straight


Theo triumphantly rode the new Go-Kart out of the shed and across the ford claiming it as his after putting in the most effort and coming up with the idea!


Theo taking the kart through the ford


The following sequence of events made me laugh. With no pedals Theo really needed a push from the others, and so the bartering began where by Theo invited the younger boys to help push and they agreed only if they took it in terns to ride. A simple negotiation, but great to watch them realize they needed one another. They proceeded to push and ride down the lane and across into our pony field demonstrating effective team work for hours. It was a pleasure to watch them create and enjoy this simple kart together. Thank goodness they have such a practical Dad, like them I wouldn't have known where to begin! 

Plenty of fun and exercise on a homemade Go Kart:


I did have my heart in my mouth at times and have to push aside my motherly urge to stop their fun in the name of safety, but I resisted pacifying myself instead with a few "slow down" and "carefully" shout outs and they were just fine.

Country Kids August Winner

My Coombe Mill Kids Sun hat for August goes to  for a lovely post reflecting on an action packed outdoor week Country Wide. Thank you for all the great posts about your outdoor fun, I do love to read them all and be inspired for my own children.

Joining In

Please keep the fun going into September. Badge and linky below for this week entries. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

For all mischievous kids

August 6, 2012 at 12:00 PMCoombeMill

The Value of Reading

From a young age we all know that reading to children is great for calming them down in the evening, providing great cuddle bonding time and developing their learning, imagination and desire to read for themselves in time. What captures their imagination and starts their reading journey is unimportant, that something does is! One of mine worked his way through the Famous 5 while another it was Beast Quest. Once they get the bug, it is a wonderful skill to hold and develop.  

Introducing Dougal TrumpDougal Trump

Dougal Trump is a funny take on family life as told through the eyes of Dougal, a typical mischievous young boy. It is brilliantly told by Jackie Marchant, her first book, snapped up by MacMillian and beautifully illustrated to appeal to children. I would say the reading age is age 9 plus, though children age 7 plus would enjoy the story if it were read to them. It is comical and draws on the imagination, Jackie gets right into the mindset of Dougal and it is this which makes the book so clever. Theo age 10 and the triplets age 8 are very taken with the book so I am hoping this will really inspire their reading journey.

Kids with Dougal Trump Book

There is a whole website to support the book with lots of fun and games, a fan club to join and the first extract free to read on line before buying in paperback or as an ebook; both at £5.99. My kids have had a good look around and given it the thumbs up!


On the Dougal Trump Web Site


Join the fun and Win your signed copy

Jackie has given me a copy of her lovely Dougal Trump book to send free to a lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment below saying that you'd like to enter, remember to also leave a way for me to contact you.

To increase your chance of winning:

Follow  and Coombemill on twitter and leave a separate comment here to say you have done so with your twitter name.

For an additional entry, sign up to Dougal Trump's Gang and leave an extra comment here to say you have done so.

For another entry like Coombemill on facebook and leave an extra comment here with your facebook name.

For one final entry, please tweet the following sentence and leave another comment to say you have done so:

I've entered to WIN @DOUGALTRUMP kids book by @JMarchantAuthor & @MacmillanKidsUK with @Coombemill so can you. Pls RT

The competition is open to UK residents and will close on Mondy 20th August 5pm. Good luck to all taking part.


Disclosure: I was given a copy of Dougal Trump to read with my children and review for this competition. All views and opinions expressed are entirely my own. My copy can be found in our reception for our holiday guests to borrow when my children have finished!

True Random Number Generator  3

The winner is @Chrissy4116 Many congratulations and happy reading! 



Silent Sunday / Project 52

July 29, 2012 at 1:00 AMCoombeMill

Ssshhh......It's Sunday again!


Morning Feed Run with Farmer Nick



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