Who Tooted Own Up Now

Posted on August 22nd, 2016 -

If you have children who enjoy a little toilet humour then Who Tooted could be the family game for you.  We played it here to peals of laughter and much bluffing and double bluffing with accusations flying.  It is one that keeps you coming back for ‘ just one more round’ to get your own back on the other players.

What's in the box for Who Tooted

The object of the Game

Choose your family character and see if you can make it first around the board and back to home. That may sound easy but there is cunning and trickery involved. Press the button to start each go and wait to see if your hidden whoopee cushion is the one to light up. If it is you have the “fart power” to press your cushion secretly to let out a rip roaring fart noise while everyone tries to guess “who tooted”. Guess correctly and your character counter moves forward a place.

Who tooted game set up and ready

Fun and skill

Not only is this game a belly full of laughs, but you will soon find the natural actors in your group, those who can hide their secret and those who can’t help but give themselves away, be it in a glance, a guilty look or not being crafty enough at pressing the button.

The girls having a fabulous time Playing Who Tooted

Need to know facts for “Who Tooted”

  • Suitable for 3 to 4 players
  • Recommended from age 5 upwards.
  • 2 x AAA batteries needed & small screwdriver to fit the batteries
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to follow rules book.
  • RSP: £19.99
  • Available from Smyths Toys

Our View

This game is a real party one, My children enjoyed playing it over the summer holidays whenever friends came to stay. It would be a great Christmas game and a fun birthday present. The game is really very well thought out and the toilet humour appealed to my kids.

Win your Who Tooted Game with Coombe Mill   

Win Who Tooted for your very own family fun

If you fancy getting your hands on this fun games to make your family chuckle and reveal the top bluffers just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Who Tooted


We were sent our copy of “Who Tooted” for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Our game can be found in the Coombe Mill Games room for our holiday guests to borrow.

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Butterflies Adorning the Lilac Bushes

Posted on August 20th, 2016 -

Butterflies and Bees on the farm

Late summer brings a flurry of activity with butterflies darting hither and dither in the Coombe Mill gardens. As soon as the sun comes out, so do the butterflies and they are attracted to our plentiful lilac bushes. I was actually out mowing the lawns in the afternoon and couldn’t resist returning to home from the furthest point on the farm just to sit and capture the buzz from the bushes behind our far play area. The scent of the lilac was as wonderful as the site of the butterflies drawn to it. Sitting there balancing my camera on my knees, and regretting not bringing out the tripod, I breathed in a heady cocktail made up of the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with the scent from the lilac. I watched the stunning array of colour flashing before my eyes as the butterflies and bees moved from flower to flower; all this to the musical rhythm of the buzz of wings, against the flow of the river and accentuated by children’s laughter.   

From where the children are playing here you can just see the lilac trees forming a backdrop to the play area.

Free Play at Coombe Mill

The peacock butterfly has always been my favourite, the trademark peacock circles on the tips of the wings have beautiful colours that smudge just like a wet painting.

Peacock sunbathing on the granite by the lilac at Coombe Mill

Even looking up at the wings from underneath the circles are still obvious.

Underwing of a Peacock Butterfly on lilac at Coombe Mill

My second favourite butterfly is the Red Admiral; both were out in abundance and even vying for the same flower.

 Butterfies chasing each other on lilac at Coombe Mill

I think the local honey producers will be happy this year; the bees here were really filling up on the pollen from the lilac.

Bee on the butterflies licac on the farm

At least if the bees are happy with the lilac, the children are free to play unaware of their presence behind as they go about their business.

Sand pit play at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Although we did go butterfly spotting for activity hour this week as part of our summer nature study.  

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on August 19th, 2016 -

Welcome to Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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River Swimming Adventure on the Farm

Last week our Nature Raft Races  had everyone enjoying playing in the river. This week has been the same with some great friendships and plenty of soggy clothes! More on my Country Kids post.

 Please come and share your adventures.

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I loved this fairy Festival from Are we nearly there yet?

Retro Birthday fun from Great Yarmouth looks like a day to remember from Him, Me, Three

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River Adventure after the Rain

Posted on August 19th, 2016 -

A river adventure for the school holidays

I love it when older children come to stay at the farm as it encourages my triplets out into being kids again. At 12 they have hit that in between stage between child and adult where they need a little time away from the pressures of school to rediscover their inner child. They had teamed up with one of the Coombe Mill regulars and after a couple of days of relentless rain everyone was itching to be outdoors. A river adventure beckoned!

River adventure after the rain

Boys will be Boys

The river had been running dangerously high after the rain but had subsided to a level I was happy for them to play in. As they are now older and stronger they can cope with a stronger current and relished the challenge of wading against the current.  


river adventure wading upstream on the river Camel in Cornwall


Having battled upstream they then swam or body boarded down with the current. It was definitely flowing fast enough to make them look like super swimmers and give them the thrill they were after.

Making the most of a good day in the river. #countrykids #schoolholidays #schoolholidayfun #schoolholidays #adventurous #river #riverkids #explore #nature #natureplay #play #resourceful #water #waterfun

A video posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on

It took just a couple of minutes to whizz by me standing on the bridge and disappear over the rapids. There is a gentle pebble area further down where they could easily climb out and walk back across the fields and over the gate into Coombe Mill.


River adventure swimming downstream & walking back to Coombe Mill


After a few times down the river they clambered out, dripping wet but full of excitement, to start jumping off the bridge.


ready to jump


Bridge jumping is an old time favourite for my boys. I had thought to try myself after a BiBs dare, but I welched out despite it being a bit deeper after the rain. It was one river adventure too far for me.

jumping off the bridge into the river Camel at Coombe Bridge 

Grabbing a body board each they set off once more down the river. I was standing on the bridge chatting to the parents and thinking it was taking them longer this time.  The other parents weren’t in the least worried, trusting their son to my two who know the river well. After a while I guessed what had happened and suspected they were surfing all the way through to Wenford Bridge, something I know Guy has enjoyed in the past. I picked up the car keys and some bin bags for them to sit on and drove off to meet them. Arriving there was no sign so I took the camera and headed back upstream to watch out for them. The sun had come out and I was quite happy soaking up the afternoon warmth and admiring the river.


Admiring the river Camel betweem Coombe Mill and Wenford Bridge


Eventually I decided they must have turned around after all and returned to the car. As I drove past the end of the camel trail who should I see sitting at the tables in the Snail’s Pace Cafe? The three wise monkeys. They had climbed out of the river and gone there to ring me to collect them, but I had no mobile signal. Just as well I had second guessed their intentions anyway! They wanted ice creams and hot chocolate but, as they were shivering and soaking, I decided to just get them home and showered and let them have their treats back at Coombe Mill


Rescuing swimmers and surfers from Wendfoed Bridge


To me this was a perfect school holiday afternoon, a child led river adventure away from all the pressures of school. It takes a couple of weeks of being away from school for this to develop and I’m making the most of being with them knowing the new school term and year eight isn’t far away now.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Discovering Ambre Solaire Kids

Posted on August 15th, 2016 -

Why has it taken me so long to discover this brand leader in the sun cream market? For years I have battled with young children trying desperately to apply sun cream for days out in summer. Too many times they have run away from me at the beach, rather than have the white gunk applied; complaining that the sand sticks to it or it makes their skin look white and hurt having it rubbed in. Little did I know Ambre Solaire Kids new ‘Easy Peasy’ products had successfully sorted out these annoyances.  

Sun Care Duo from Ambre Solaire Kids tested at Coombe Mill Holidays

Ambre Solaire Kids Easy Peasy Products

Ambre Solaire really is in a league of its own. I had my sun cream critical kids reluctantly try it out for me to claims of:

“This stuff is really cool”


“Can we take this one on holiday with us?”

Guy using Amber Solaire Kids Easy Peasy Anti Sand Sparay

I was really impressed by the light formula and ease of application with both the products we tried.  Whether you prefer a spray application or tube both do the job without the squeals. They have all the protection you’d expect from a good brand and lots of hidden extras to make them worth the extra money for beach ready kids.

Clio using Garmier Ambre Solaire Kids Easy Peasy wet skin lotion

Product Need to know facts for Ambre Solaire Kids

Wet Skin Lotion

Anti Sand Spray

Can be applied to wet or dry skin

Non sticky so no itchy sand feeling

Absorbs instantly

Absorbs instantly

Water resistant

Water resistant



SPF 50

SPF 50

UVA 3 star

UVA 3 star

£7.50 for 150ml

£7.50 for 200ml


 Never again will I scrimp and save on cheap sun cream that my children refuse to wear, Ambre Solaire Kids is definitely worth the extra and all for less than the price of a round of ice creams at the beach!

Win your Ambre Solaire Kids Easy Peasy sun cream duo with Coombe Mill

If you fancy winning both these products to see your kids through the summer outdoors with no tears or tantrums just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Ambre Solaire


I was sent my Ambre Solaire Kids Easy Peasy products for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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