The MADS 2013

February 2, 2013 at 10:19 AMCoombeMill

What is MADS

I am sure most bloggers already know but just in case there is someone new taking a peep at my blog, Mads is the Mums and Dads Awards for Blogging as organised by the lovely evil overlord of blogging Sally Whittle from Flea Enterprises ltd and her expert team in association with Parentdish. Take a read here for the official MADS low down, all the categories, judges and details of the awards.

Why should you care?

I was lucky enough to go to the final award ceremony last year and had the time of my life. It was my first ever blogging event and it was amazing to meet up with the people I had tweeted with and blogged with over the past year or so. It is an evening where everyone feels special, the mood is light, laughter fills the air, and you get to wear a gorgeous dress. Anyone can vote and any parent blogger can be voted for. I can't recommend highly enough trying to get yourself there on the night. I came all the way from deepest Cornwall and if I am lucky enough to be nominated again I wouldn't hesitate to find a way to jump back in my car and go. Here are a few of my highlights in case you are not already convinced.


MADS highlights for me from 2012

How to get involved?

If you have a blog then do put up a badge in your side bar from the selection and fill in the form nominating your favourite blogs. By carrying the badge others will know that you would like to be nominated too. My nomination is currently a page in the back of a notebook that I am carefully fine tuning. Too many lovely blogs I would love to see up there and I am taking my time to try and not miss someone I will kick myself over later! 

Best of luck to everyone, you're all worth it!


Leibster Blog Award

December 12, 2011 at 7:05 PMCoombeMill

The Award

I have been awarded with the Liebster Blog award and am very honoured.  This is an award bestowed upon bloggers with less than 200 followers and the idea is to foster new connections between bloggers.  Apparently the word Leibster is German and means dearest, so this is a great award to have been given by the lovely  Mum.

Blog award

The rules

The rules for the award are fairly straightforward, to thank the person who nominated you and nominate 5 other bloggers with less than 200 followers. 

More Than a Mum

To me   is a cheerful and approachable fellow twitter friend.  I find her upbeat and enthusiastic about life, full of ideas and ambition so please follow if you are not already doing so. She has a lovely parenting blog at which is well worth a visit for all things parenting. A great writing style and interesting posts that keep you coming back. I must also give special thanks as she is a big supporter of our Country Kids linky with some awesome outdoor play features. Thank you. 

My 5 Recommended Bloggers

Here is my list of 5 bloggers I am following who appear to have less than 200 followers. Sincere apologies if I have misjudged this and you have more but the Liebster award comes to you with best intentions and congratulations from Coombe Mill!

Pippa who hosts

A truly lovely lady tweeting at  with a parenting blog about her son Bud, together with reviews. Well worth a follow

Rachel who hosts 

Rachel is a self confessed twitter and blog addict and keeps her blog lively and up to the minute. Catch her on twitter at  to follow.

Sharon who hosts 

Read all about the fun and games with her 2 youngsters as they make their way through the joys of childhood together well as reviews on parenting products. Follow on twitter at  

Clare who hosts 

A truly bubbly lady with a delightful toddler called Emily who is the center of her lovely blog, not to mention parenting product reviews and some great competitions. Catch Clare on twitter too at  

Amanda who hosts

I love Amanda's writing style. She has a book out called Diary of a Mummy Misfit and her parenting posts on the blog are so well written I often find myself laughing out loud. Well worth a read.  will find Amanda on twitter

Go girls and share your recommendations


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