No-Sew Bunting

March 1, 2015 at 5:50 PMCoombeMill

Coombe Mill Activity Hour

At Coombe Mill we run a fun based activity hour at 4 pm on a Friday afternoon as a fun way to round off a holiday here on the farm. We usually do something crafty with the kids, often with an educational bias to help with fine or gross motor skills or encourage imaginative play. As believers in time away from screens and sofas as promoted through the Country Kids linky, our activities involve outdoor space and nature wherever possible. The results are used to decorate areas of the farm or for the children to take home with them as keepsakes.

Coombe Mill ‘How to’ Series

I have been asked how to make the crafts seen on my Country Kids posts that have shadowed the fun from activity hour, so I have created a Farm Crafts category on the blog with a series of "How to Make" tutorials for some of the crafts that we have covered so far. 

This post covers really simple bunting that children of any age can help make and design. My sewing is woeful and so this simple quick fix alternative works just fine for me, gives instant results for our farm craft sessions and lasts surprisingly well.

How to Make badge from Coombe Mill


Make your own designer bunting

Make your own No-Sew Bunting

What you will need:-

  • And old sheet or piece of material
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Stapler
  • Felt tip pens
  • Triangle pattern


No-Sew Bunting, What you'll need


  1. Trace the triangle pattern out on your material until you have however many you want to work with.

  2. Carefully, cut around the triangles on your material (we tried both double sided triangles and single triangles and found that the singular ones worked best as the double sided ones didn't line up so well).

  3. Decorate your bunting, each child at here at activity hour has the chance to decorate at least one of their own and usually the parents can't resist joining in with one too.

  4. Fold the top of the triangle over a long piece of baler twine and staple it so that it doesn't fall off (we found that it worked best with one staple each side of the triangle to hold it over the baler twine and one in the middle that went through the baler twine to stop it from sliding up and down).

  5. Find somewhere that you want to hang it up.

No-Sew Bunting method


A few fun additions that you might want to try:-

  • You could use fabric pens rather than felt tips and the drawings might hold better.

  • Would be a great idea for a birthday or christening to have a commemoration from everyone there.

  • Try different shaped bunting such as squares and bubbles.

  • Try using wax crayons and making leaf print rubbings on the bunting

No-Sew Bunting Fun

We have been hanging ours up in the fairy garden. As the weather does its thing and the rain falls it leaves a lovely tie dye effect. The photo below is after a week of hanging through all weathers last summer. I love the way the colours have run.  Eventually the colour from felt tip pens will fade completely. After about 6 weeks you can take them down and redecorate them in a whole new design, ours have on average 3 uses before they are thrown away, that's a whole lot of value and fun from an old sheet!


No-Sew Bunting after it rained

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Did you know the Coombe Mill website also has a full program of educational resources aimed at children from early years through to key stage 2?  These resources are perfect for supporting the natural learning on holiday here. 

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

January 2, 2015 at 10:50 PMCoombeMill


Fun on the Farm over the New Year Holidays

It has been another busy week for us here on the farm with all the cottages and lodges full of guests for New Year. Thankfully we have been blessed with amazing clear days and frosty nights which have been perfect for the morning feed fun and afternoon train rides.


A frosty feed Run to care for the animals


The middle of the day has been the warmest and most of our guests have taken the opportunity to leave Coombe Mill and explore the local beaches. However Monday was our activity hour and several came back early to join us. The activity this week was led by a little fun play the day before when Theo, Guy and Jed, despairing of us ever seeing any snow, decided to go about creating their own snow man and made this:


 Coombe Mill Kids no snow snowman


I asked them how they did it and copied the idea with our guests. We substituted their flower pot for plastic jars and made the head just as they had done from compost balls. The snow is from a snow spray can and the arms and nose made the traditional way with sticks and a piece of carrot. Everyone had lots of fun with the spray can and our non snow snowmen looked very realistic.


Snow Free Snowmen


As it was bitterly cold we popped indoors next to make our party blowers. They had everything but the whistle so we all chose a noise to make when blowing them.


Whistle blower crafts


Warmed up we set off onto the farm led by Felix to light a huge bonfire from all the Christmas wrapping paper from last week's guests. Nothing pleased the children more than to grab a stick and poke at the fire, the heat certainly kept us all warm!


Bonfire fun & Warmth with the old Christmas wrapping paper


I managed to find some real party poppers with the annoying whistles and gave everyone one to blow on the train ride. The kids of course loved whistling through the train, I'm not sure the parents were so keen on the new acquisition going back to their properties but we were all set up in party spirit ready for our New Year's Eve Celebrations which I'll be sharing on next week's Country Kids.


Train Ride with Party Blowers


The train rides, feed run and activity hour happen all year at Coombe Mill, if you fancy being part of the fun of the farm please take a look at our price and availability as we are booking up fast for 2015 including Christmas and New Year.



Joining in with Country Kids

Whether you have seen snow to play in, frosty mornings to enjoy a walk or just let off some steam at the local park I'd love you to come and share here on the linky. Every week there are some wonderful posts filled with fun days out, crafts or nature discoveries all in the great outdoors. Please do visit the other posts linked up, it might just inspire your next week's activity and remember a little fresh air and time out from screens, sofas and central heating is good for us all. The badge is here is you would like to use it, it helps everyone find the posts within the community.

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A few of my favourites from last week:

Chelsea Mamma and Chocolate is not the only fruit came to spend christmas with us here on the farm. I've had a lovely time reliving the fun we all had thought their posts, please do take a look.

Just to show I'm not biased Lattes and Little Ones jetted off to sunnier climates and this looks magical too.

Brinabird and son was lucky enough to see snow and her son looks delighted to be playing in it, I hope some comes to cornwall this year too.

Fresh air and exploring outdoors over the Winter Holidays can be perfect for blowing away the cobwebs, these two posts will make you want to grab your coats and run outside Our footprints on the world and Mummy Constant 



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Country Kids from Coombe Mill

July 11, 2014 at 11:30 PMCoombeMill

Pirates and Fairies

Quick DIY Pirate & Fairy Crafts


We had one of the great British downpours just before our Coombe Mill activity hour began. Everything was drenched even though it had actually stopped raining by the time everyone had assembled by our reception. Given the soggy state of my garden bench and table we headed in to the kitchen leaving the doors open as it was still muggy and warm. Thankfully my kitchen table is big and there was plenty of space for everyone. Here we delved into the land of make believe creating simple pirate swords cut from card and covered in silver foil,  eye patches from black card and string and for the younger girls they chose to raid the dressing up box for fairy costumes and make simple wands from sticks and cardboard stars covered in silver foil. Kym had cut the templates out in advance to make it easier so the children just had the fun task of coating and assembling their play props.


Fairy wands and Pirate eyepatches


By the time they finished the sun was out and the ground drying up enough for us to head back outside. We handed out tick sheets and pens in preparation for a little hunting challenge for our pirates and fairies.


Tick Sheet


Excitedly we trooped off to the fairy garden to see if we could find the lovely decorated stones from Lisa Bailey Brown marked on their sheet of paper.


Off to the Fairy Garden


Each animal on the stone had the corresponding hoof / paw / foot print associated with it. The children took the task very seriously shouting in delight whenever they spotted an animal print stone from their list, I think the parents quite enjoyed joining in too. Kym had rearranged the stones in advance so no one knew where to look and as I had just added some new items into the gardens that day there was plenty to discover along the way.


Finding the stones


Once everyone had found the stones we headed over the road to our pirate play ship to hang out some Cornish Flags in preparation for a spot of play before Guy arrived to run the afternoon train.


Hanging out the flags

It was lovely to watch the children continue in their make believe world clutching their swords and still wearing eye patches and fairy dresses as they sailed down the slides and steered the ship.


Play Time Fun


Another successful activity hour making the most of what we have here at Coombe Mill.


Joining in with Country Kids    

Country Kids is all about enjoying time spent outdoors. It can be going on an adventure, a day out, holiday, craft activity, playing in the garden or anything else that inspires you. There are so many health benefits from a little fresh air and time out of our busy daily lives with our children. I hope you will share your fun here on the linky. Please grab the badge or link back here and remember to check out some of the other posts too. There are always some great ideas to inspire your next outdoor adventure. 

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A few of my favourite posts from last week

Chocolate is not the only fruit explores Cornwall from a holiday base here at Coombe Mill

Joys of the journey discover an exciting national forest far away while Over there to here enjoy the woods of England 

Over 40 and Mum to One takes some amazing photos on a most successful nature walk

RollerCoaster Mum treads in the footsteps of Winnie the Pooh

Lets Talk Mommy tells of no place like home and makes me want to visit too. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

April 19, 2014 at 12:45 AMCoombeMill

The Coombe Mill Annual Raft Race

This is the 5th annual Easter Raft race at Coombe Mill spearheaded by a group of lovely guests who have been returning each Easter for as many years. Every year the newcomers join the regulars for this annual tradition. Word filters round during the day and everyone sets to work building, construction, taping and painting from the ornate to the practical. I snuck round with my camera to capture the work in progress outside various properties, our house included.

 Easter Raft Building


Guy's train ride with our newly returned train was a chance for the 1 hour warning for anyone still unaware. (More about the train from Guy next week).


New Train & Raft Race notice

At 6pm everyone and their crafts made their way towards the starting line, the footbridge to the farm. The race was to be from here to Coombe Bridge downstream, not far but with a river that meanders and plenty of river banks to cause obstruction it is not every vessel that will cross the finishing line. As always there were some real masterpieces and some proud raft builders, parents included!

 Rafts Ready to Race

In the past we have waded into the water for a start line but this year we decided on a launch from the bridge with a countdown to start.

 Launching the Easter Raft Race


The anticipation and excitement reached fever point as the count ran down from ten back to zero and launch. No sooner were they in the water than everyone was dashing down the river bank cheering on their creation. A few tears along the way as some ran aground early, but there was always someone to free them and set them on their way again.


 Easter Raft Race, chasing the rafts along the bank


Long before the rafts arrived people were gathering on the finishing bridge seeking out and cheering on their own creations. To watch the finish line you would swear you were standing on the line at the Grand National, such was the noise!


Rafts over the finishing bridge


The oldest raft that is lovingly kept and returned each year by our guests came second with Team Guy coming in first place. Everyone was still in high spirits as raft races turned into jumping in the river. Round and round they squelched, jumping off the bridge and splashing into the freezing water while Guy surfed up and down collecting passing rafts.


Jumping off Coombe Bridge & Rast Rescue


Dinner was late in every household that night, but sometimes having fun takes precedence. 


Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is live every Saturday to Thursday and is about leaving sofas and screens and enjoying time outdoors in any way you like. Playing, crafting, day trips and learning can all become an adventure in the great outdoors. Every week here on the linky there are some wonderful posts of families taking time out together. If you have a post to share please grab the badge and link up. Do please check out the others here too, it might just inspire your next activity.

Just a few of my favourite posts from last week:

I am a huge cycling fan and loved the posts by Lakes Single Mum and Belle Du Brighton  

Geocaching is one I am yet to try but Fun as a Gran makes it into an adventure

The freedom of mud play by Family Fever and Mummy to Boyz is so very Country Kids

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Country Kids from Coombe Mill

December 13, 2013 at 10:50 AMCoombeMill

Christmas Reindeer

Here at Coombe Mill we have a wonderful herd of fallow deer. They are on extra rations now just in case Santa needs them for Christmas.

 Coombe Mill Deer at eating breakfast

However everyone knows Santa's first choice is for Reindeer; not something we plan to move into on the farm but, thanks to a post I was copied in on via twitter from The Un Cheshire Wife, we have reindeer of sorts. Lolly, who writes the Un Cheshire Wife, collected some homemade reindeer from The Walton Lea Project, to sell on at a Charity Christmas fair and kindly thought what fun they would be for us. All it took was a quick look at the simple design and we were all off on a mission to make a Coombe Mill reindeer family for Christmas. 

Our first task was to find suitable bodies from the log pile.


Reindeer body hunting


Then we needed limbs and antlers from around the farm. This gave the boys a chance to try out Dad's saws under my watchful eye.

Sawing branches on the farm


I did try to take us on a short cut back to the shed past where the lake had been dredged in the autumn and came a cropper in the mud! At times like this having teenage boys to tug me out really does help, meanwhile Guy kindly took my camera to protect it from the bog and proceeded to take copies photos of my stuck position complete with my bum in the air as I tugged at my boots! When asked why he didn't take any from the front he wisely pointed out that would have involved him being stuck too!


Stuck in the mud


Safely back at the shed and Nick was busy drilling holes into bodies for the legs to be attached. It was really a very slick operation leaving the rest of us watching in awe. Felix was allowed a turn and said it was much harder than it looked!


 Making Reindeer at Coombe Mill


The triplets had a bit of fun with the antlers and making snow storms from the sawdust generated from Dad's work.


 Kids at play



Working as a team, with a little play in between, we managed 3 adult reindeer and a baby one which the children carefully clung onto for the bumpy journey from Dad's shed to the lawn where they finished up looking impressive over the lane for all to see.




Clio even experimented with blinging one of them up with Tinsel. 

 Coombe Mill Reindeer Family


Then inspiration struck. We had a set of solar lights which we carefully removed from their hedge location and wrapped them round the reindeer. There weren't quite enough to fully define the reindeer but it still made a fun Christmas decoration. 

 Christmas lighting Reindeer


I think these reindeer might become an annual craft for us; certainly cheaper than and just as effective as the expensive designer decorations sold in the shops!

Remembering Kerry aka Multiple Mummy

Kerry is a wonderful lady I never managed to meet, yet tweeted with often. She was at the heart of the Mummy blogging world just eighteen months ago before a terrible brain haemorrhage. Kerry lost her brave fight for life a year ago today leaving a wonderful husband and 3 tiny children. The blogging world thought it would be fitting to remember her today through her linky Family Frolics which was born at the same time as Country Kids; Kerry and I both laughed at how similar our ideas were. Country Kids is now in its 114th week and I know if Kerry were here we would still be linking up and supporting each other. My Christmas Reindeer family fun this week doubles up as a Family Frolics post as it would have in past times.  RIP Kerry x


Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is simply about outdoor fun for kids. Please come and join in and share your adventures whether they be crafting, learning, playing or discovering the great outdoors. From an urban park to the quiet of the woods, make the most of your family time out then grab the badge and share your fun here. Remember to pop back and see what others have been doing too; my inspiration often comes from reading your posts.

A few of my favourites from last week were: 

Can I walk Mummy? Shares a wonderful family day out full of Christmas cheer

Maris World has totally inspired me with this Reindeer Trail, which I now want to create at Coombe Mill 

Right from the Start has some great ice play ideas for Christmas fun and makes it educational too

Just for this week, in remembrance of Kerry, any indoor or outdoor family fun posts carrying the Family Frolics logo are most welcome to join this Linky. There is also a Blog Hop for Family Frolics organised by The Boy and Me 


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