Exposing my Indian Secret

May 10, 2015 at 10:00 PMCoombeMill

Onion Bhajis Made Easy 

I have been experimenting again in the kitchen and come up with a really easy way to make great tasting authentic Onion Bhajis. Anyone who follows my What's Cooking Category here on the blog will know I'm a real scratch cook with a dislike for ready meals and try to ensure my family have a decent nutritious meal every evening. That said I am no kitchen goddess and all my meals are prepared in half an hour to an hour. This recipe for Bhajis is so simple and quick to make yet tastes authentic and never fails to delight the family with or impress when I have friends to supper.


Onion Bhajis made in minutes


Indian food can be as complicated or as simple as you chose, it is certainly not something to be scared of, I do cheat with buying the spice blends rather than mixing my own but after that the cooking is really simple, all my Indian dishes are inspired from food I eat at The Raj in Wadebridge, our local friendly Restaurant. I'm sure they make their meals quite differently to me but I love the challenge of tasting the flavours and textures and experimenting to recreate this myself as all my family adore Indian food.

Indian bhajis as a starter or side dish to a curry meal

To prove just how easy this recipe is I have vlogged the whole process instead of sharing in picture steps. It is only a couple of minutes long, which illustrates how quick and easy these are. If you are a fan of your local curry house, do give these a try, I think you will be surprised how authentic they taste and are a perfect starter or curry accompaniment served with a simple salad and a little mango chutney.

Do let me know how you get on or if you enjoyed this post. I'll happily share some of my other curry dishes which are all equally easy if you like this one.




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Silent Sunday / Project 52 / My Sunday Photo

May 9, 2015 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill

This Was Lily, one of two rabbits at Coombe Mill that this little girl fell in love with on holiday here with us.  Both her favourite rabbits made the journey home with her and are now the family pets, a constant reminder of a memorable farm holiday. The family are booked to return next year and I look forward to an update on how Rosie and Lily are doing.


Bunny adoration at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

May 8, 2015 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill

Triplet's birthday Party

The Triplets turned 11 on their school camp. It was the first birthday when I didn't see them at all on their birthday, instead waving them off the day before and handing their birthday cake to their teacher. Needless to say they had a wonderful time and the whole school sang them happy birthday and shared their cake.


Guy Jed and Clio's Birthday Cake


For their party I wanted to do a farm fun day as in previous years with tractor pulling, treasure hunts and more for all their friends. However at eleven the triplets had other ideas. This was the year they wanted to abandon Coombe Mill and venture further afield. Finding something they all agreed on took some planning and I left them to agree a sensible itinerary between them. They came back with a visit to their favourite all you can eat Asian restaurant in Plymouth followed by ice-skating. Apart from the cost this all seemed plausible, though I warned them they were limited by transport to 9 friends plus the 5 of us. Suddenly our nine seat family van was very handy.


Triplets 11th Birthday


The kids made the most of their meal at The View with plenty of trips to the buffet table and had the poor magician monopolised forever blowing them character balloons and running card tricks.


Party Meal at The View, Plymouth


Having eaten all they could manage we took them all over to Plymouth Hoe with a football for an hour or so. Thank fully it stayed dry and the boys wasted no time in setting up jumpers as goal posts and embarking on a game of football with Jed's new birthday present ball.



The Boys Playing Football


The girls were less enamoured with football and after climbing the statues chose to hang out in groups listening to music and taking selfies, a sign they are all growing up beyond my liking!


Selfies and Climbing


Nick had never been to the Hoe before so I took him for a little walk down to the seafront past the lighthouse. If I wasn't keeping half an eye on the twelve children playing I'd liked to have gone up the lighthouse. At only £2.80 it looks worth it, one for another time.  


Plymouth Lighthouse

Plymouth is never seen as a city of beauty but there really are some lovely parts and this is one of them. Nick and I had a lovely quiet half an hour away from the tweenage banter. 

Views from the Plymouth Hoe

Just time for a Group photo before running off towards the ice rink


Running off after Group Photo


I had booked and paid in advance to make sure we all had a place but we were delighted to find how quiet it was, I think we must have made up half the numbers which couldn't have been better for the kids or for me keeping an eye on everyone as Nick had taken ice skating as his cue to disappear into town.


Ice Skating in the Pavillions


I soon forgave Nick as he returned with wind chimes for the Fairy Garden and googly eyes & tape for my farm Activity Hour Crafts and a Manchester City Bag to go with Jed's birthday Football kit.


Nick's Purchases


I thought it might have been a little quieter on the journey home with tired children but not a bit of it, I don't think they stopped for breath the whole way but they did all have a wonderful day.



Joining in with country Kids

If you have been enjoying the outdoors with your children please come and share with me. All posts of outdoor fun are welcome, Country Kids is all about leaving screens and sofas behind and enjoying some family activities in the fresh air. Crafting, learning, exploring and playing from the beach to the woods, let your imagination take you to places near and far. Don't forget to check out the other posts here, this is a very supportive community where inspiration can come from seeing what others are up to.  


Country Kids is around in these communities, I'd love you to join me:


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A few of my favourites from last week:

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Easter Weekend in North Yorkshire looked heaps of fun for Little Luca and Me

I do love a good summer fair, Chelsea Mamma has already found not one but two great local events to visit and what fun they had 

Kiddie Holidays found the perfect day to visit this castle to impress a toddler.

Finally From Mummy to Mum put two annual family membership passes to good use over the May bank holiday weekend. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Finally I said I'd only mention being shortlisted in BiB's once, but then The MAD Blog Awards came along, do remember to vote for all your favourites including yourselves, if you are joining Country Kids then you deserve to be in Family Fun, however if you fancy your blog for another category I'd love it if you could think of me for this one.


Stay Sun Safe this Season

May 4, 2015 at 11:30 PMCoombeMill


We all know the risks of too much sun, the media calls to wear sun cream, hats and stay out of the mid day sun. As adults it is easy to apply these rules, but try telling children on a trip to the beach or on holiday that they are not to go out to play in the lovely midday spring sunshine and you soon become seen as a kill joy of a mother! Thankfully help is at hand with a multitude of summer safe sun wear on the market that can allow you the freedom your children want on holiday to play freely and safely.

Stay Sun Safe

The Beach Factory

We have found a 'one stop shop' to meet all your summer sun needs at affordable prices in the Beach Factory. It is an online shop selling the family outdoor gear for safe fun in the fun. Whether you are planning a holiday or just looking to enjoy being out in the garden and the park this website is worth a look. I was delighted to see my favourite Sun Sense sun cream sold, not to mention sun tents, gorgeous hats, sensible beach shoes, accessories for kids and UV rash tops for all.     

The Beach Factory

I was invited to test out one of the rash tops for my children. I jumped at the opportunity as a new season of Surf Club has just begun and the children have outgrown all last year's tops. I ordered age 11 as the triplets have just had their birthday and the top is a good snug fit which is just what you need under a wetsuit in the sea.


Quicksilver Rash Vest

The UV top is from the sought after surfing Quicksilver Range and my brand aware tweens were only to keen to put it on. Guy was most in need and claimed it, although despite it being in the boys range my daughter adores the rich blues and the trendy design and has "first dibs" when Guy grows out of it! I think it will be a case of first packed gets to wear it until I order another two!


Guy at the Beach


Sun protection is not just for the beach, those rays are just as damaging playing out in the garden so I was delighted to find Guy in his new top playing down by the river after school.  


River Fun in his new Rash Vest

The special 50% UV filter protection material is much more comfortable than a regular cotton t shirt in water and actually helps keep you warm too. It would be perfect for little ones playing in a paddling pool, or in our case for jumping into the river.

Guy Bridge Jumping

It certainly is preferable to using school uniform which has been done on more than one occasion! These tops are currently just £14.95 at the Beach Factory, and they are so comfy Guy has been wearing his back to front all season and neither he nor I noticed as they stretch into shape and fit like a glove. That's not all.......

An offer for All Coombe Mill Readers

There are plenty more items for sale all under the theme of sun safety on the Beach Factory Website and they have an amazing summer sale on at the moment so it is well worth a look. There is even a further 10% off the sale prices for Coombe Mill blog readers using the code CoombeMill on orders over £25 during May so go on, take a peep and see how far £25 will take you!


10% off for followers

Win a Pool party sack with Coombe Mill

Not only have we teamed up with the beach Factory to offer a great discount to all out readers, but there is also a further chance to WIN a fun pool party sack worth £19.95. This contains everything you could want for your kids to have a brilliant day out by a pool or at the beach all in one handy carry bag.

Pool Party Pack

If this sounds like something you and your family could use just follow the instructions below.  

Good luck to all taking part and remember to check out the Beach Factory Summer Sale.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I was sent our rash top from the Beach Factory to review, however all opinions on the product are my own. 

Sprouting a good tale

May 3, 2015 at 9:30 PMCoombeMill

Just when I thought I was going to reclaim my greenhouse from Rocky, our hand raised kid goat, and plant out some summer vegetables along came Sprout! I'm not sure what is going on with our nanny goats this year but of the 4 kids born, two have been abandoned by their mothers. In the long run I think it will be good for Rocky to have company in the field from a half sister who also has no mother, but right now I have a kitchen being invaded with bottles and goats at every turn!


Rocky the Goat gets a Sister


When sprout was born her mother looked quite surprised and confused by what she had produced. Farmer Nick spotted her early one morning and wiped down the slimy little bundle that was still covered in newborn mucus. He placed baby and mother in their own field shelter together in the hope they would come together. Sprout when placed near Mum would nuzzle round instinctively looking for milk but Mum simply walked away as though there was something wrong with her baby or it didn't belong to her.


Sprout and Mum

We left them together in the field shelter as it was a warm sunny day during the morning feed run to see if they would bond but there was no joy and baby was beginning to shiver despite the sun.  There was nothing for it but to bring baby inside with us even though we were convinced both mother and baby looked healthy. We could see Mum was in milk so we thought we would have a go at expressing from Mum to give her new born the best possible start. Farmer Nick had a knack of flipping Mum over and managing to milk her single handed, for the rest of us it was a two person job, one to raise her onto her back kegs and keep her still and the other to milk her. It was a bit of an effort trekking out to the filed shelter 4 times a day but we managed to keep it going for a full week.


Milking the Nanny Goat

Sprout was named by those following my Facebook Page


Facebook Group Naming Sprout


She was as good as gold moving between her expressed milk and formula. It was a real novel experience for our guests staying to watch and help milk a goat and then feed the resulting bottle to little Sprout; we had no shortage of volunteers.


Cuddling and Feeding Sprout


She looks so small next to Rocky who is now 6 weeks old but has all the same markings and funny little skipping play actions.  I am trying to introduce them to one another so Rocky who is now in the field by day and night will look out for his little sister in time. I have to admit it is a fun way to spend the day and my children are only too happy to help!


Rocky and Sprout Together

For now my summer greenhouse has just the remains of the herbs as first Rocky and now Sprout have nibbled away in there but I hope I will soon be able to plant it out. At this rate it may be winter sprouts I'm planting!


 Sprout in the Green House


If you are hoping to visit the farm this summer and meet Rocky and Sprout we still have availability up till week commencing the 4th July after which we are full until 29th August.


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