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January 17, 2015 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill



Bench by the River Camel at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

January 16, 2015 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill


Plymouth Hoe and Ice skating


A Family day out at Plymouth Hoe & Ice-skating

All through the Christmas holidays the children had yearned to go Ice skating. Last year my brother came down and we all skated at the Eden Project which isn't far from us. This year our passes had run out and with everything happening on the farm the time just ran away with us. Then the kids' cousins came to stay and it seemed an ideal opportunity to give it a go. We opted for Plymouth on a tip off from a friend who joined us. It was a long journey over the border and I was keen to grab a little fresh air in the daylight hours before our skating started. I'd not visited Plymouth Hoe before, a seafront park dating back to medieval times, and was keen to see what was there as it was walking distance of the skating rink.


Plymouth Hoe Map


Walking anywhere in a party of thirteen through a city isn't easy so I was glad it wasn't far before we were clear of the shops and heading out to the coast. Entering the Hoe there were several war monuments and statues. Plymouth was heavily bombed in World War Two and much of the old city fell. It was  good to see that away from the concrete 1960s city centre there is an area to remember the past. My children of course saw it as a climbing opportunity.


Climbing the monuments at Plymouth Hoe


Having scaled a few monuments they took a moment to read the plaques and reflect as well as admiring the remains of the old city walls.


Memorials and the old city walls at Plymouth Hoe

Then the freedom of green grass took hold and they dashed across towards the sea front.


The park space at Plymouth Hoe


Standing tall on the cliff edge is the light house. It looks quite magnificent and I'd like to return one day to walk to the top. The visibility from there on a clear day like this one must be amazing.


Lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe

The children found a telescope and shared a 20p to survey the coastline.


Telescope over Plymouth Hoe

The views are quite spectacular stretching from the Barbican with its imposing yachts over to Plymouth Sound where the sun glistened across the water.


Views out to sea at Plymouth Hoe


I took the chance to step back and swap to my distance lens, this way I even captured the teens enjoying themselves unaware of my camera on them and a spot of imaginative play from the younger ones.


Capturing the kids unaware at Plymouth Hoe

We could have spent so much longer there in the beautiful afternoon sun and I'm sure we will return but the 4pm ice skating beckoned and they were not about to miss out.


Racing off to Ice-Skate from Plymouth Hoe


The rink wasn't too busy and larger than at Eden, skates were tightened and they zoomed off like they skated only yesterday. I took a little longer blaming my delay on hanging back to grab some pictures of them first!


Ice-skating in Plymouth


Joining in with Country Kids

January is perhaps the hardest month to get out and enjoy a little fresh air, the days are chilly and cold and often damp, yet if you make an effort in those windows of sunshine, it really is refreshing to feel the winter air in your lungs and see the kids at play. Wrap up and hit the beach, the woods or even part of a city as we did this week and come back to share here on the linky. Please grab the badge and remember to visit others, Country Kids is full of inspiring posts to make you want to find your coat and wellies and head outdoors.

Country Kids is around in these communities, I'd love you to join me:

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Country Kids will continue to run throughout the festive period so please stay with me and share your outdoor festive adventures!


A few of my favourites from a wonderful selection last week:

This walk from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary between the stormy weather shows off just how remote and beautiful the Shetlands are and how quickly it can all change. The same is true of Ireland when Kate Takes 5 ventures towards a childhood favourite spot on a too blustery day.

Chocolate is not the only fruit found a fun designer London bus trail while the Mini Mes and Me enjoyed a muddy visit to the Gruffalo Trail whilst Can I Walk Mummy discovered a map of the solar system. This encourages me that my new wildlife trail in making is going to be popular.

Something always appeals to me about the beach in Winter. Mummy Mishaps and  Mummys Crochet World share a first visit of the new year.

Finally you may see these fun outdoor crafts repeated by me here at Coombe Mill in our activity hour, they are both educational and simple to do. A Windsock by Baby Routes and the Grapefruit Trap by From Wild About Here


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Coombe Mill Wildlife Trail

January 11, 2015 at 6:50 PMCoombeMill

Running with an Idea 

Sometimes I have an inkling of an idea but just don't know how to take it forwards. For some time now I have been seeing posts pop up on Country Kids of families enjoying nature trails at National Trust properties and as a forest blogger I love the Gruffalo Trails from the Forestry Commission. The idea of trails has even hit London with the Paddington Bear Trail. Every time I see one of these posts I think to myself that there must be a way of recreating this family fun within the 30 acres of Coombe Mill. A chance to take our holidaymakers off the beaten trail, to lead them into the wilder areas of the estate in addition to the well trodden paths and create a wilderness trail. I see it being a perfect fill in those odd afternoons when popping out between the showers for a breath of fresh air is needed by everyone or filling in a summer evening with the children before bedtime.

When I became an Activity toys Direct Blogger back in 2013 my winning post on my ideal garden contained ambitions for a nature trail


Nature Board idea

yet I have failed to make it happen, instead pinning more and more posts along the lines above onto my 'Farm Aspirations board.' 


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I was voicing my frustration on how best to bring the idea to life with Farmer Nick on a trip to the shops whilst searching for new dinnerware and glasses for the properties when we stumbled over the answer. Away from the kitchenware down in the gardening section of Trago Mills we found a delightful array of ornamental wildlife.  I snapped away on my phone and sent a photo through to Instagram & Facebook with a rough outline of an idea.


 Fibre glass and plastic wildlife models for a Nature Trail


This seemed to get the thumbs up and we already had the crocodile and a flamingo in the lake to start us off. The crocodile has always been a firm favourite with the guests who regularly point to it on their first tractor ride around the lake.


 tractor & trailer ride around the lake passing the crocodile & flamingo

Returning the following day to collect the new dishwasher we had ordered for Water Mill Cottage we purchased a range of the wildlife we know can be spotted at Coombe Mill.  Now I plan to find suitable places around the farm where you might find the real animal or bird and place the ornamental ones there, or rather ask Farmer Nick to secure them there. We wasted no time in having a little play with some options. The fox certainly had our chickens running and a few of you guessing in my last post!


Placing wildlife ornaments on the farm with Farmer Nick


My next challenge is to create a printable Coombe Mill illustrative map, something fun rather like a treasure map that indicates roughly which areas of the farm the wildlife may be found. If I then upload this to the website and leave printed copies in reception I think I will have created my very own Coombe Mill Wildlife Hunt. 

A Work in progress Wildlife Trail Map for Coombe Mill


at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall. UK


If you have any further thoughts on how I can evolve this plan please let me know. for now I am delighted to finally be getting this plan off the ground, in some cases quite literally....


 Coombe Mill Holidays Wildlife Trail


I hope to have the wildlife challenge fully assembled by the time we open again for February half term and will be testing it for activity hour that week. If you are staying with us this year, do give it a go and keep a look out for the live equivalent of our ornamental wildlife.  I often listen to the owls in the trees behind our house at night.    

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

Silent Sunday / Project 52 / My Sunday Photo

January 10, 2015 at 11:50 PMCoombeMill



Fox and Chickens at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays 



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

January 9, 2015 at 11:50 PMCoombeMill

Celebrating New Year on the Farm

For New Year's Eve we have developed a bit of a tradition at Coombe Mill and like to make our celebrations early in the evening so that all our younger guests can be a part of the action. Farmer Nick has perfected his firework displays over the years and New Year is a great opportunity for him to show us just how it is done. Winter has the advantage of being really dark by 6pm and so perfect for our party to begin. I sent a little note around earlier in the day and reminded everyone on the morning feed run so that no one would miss out.

New Year's Eve Agenda for the Coombe Mill Guests


We are lucky enough to have a freezer full of our very own venison and pork sausages which I cooked and served up with other nibbles on cocktail sticks together with bottles of fizz on a table just outside the BBQ hut. Everyone enjoyed a glass or two with us and an early toast to the New Year. The children had fizzy soft drinks for a treat and ran around with glow sticks in the dark while the adults chatted savouring the atmosphere of the evening.

New Years Eve Party at Coombe Mill 

Farmer Nick snuck away from the party to his tractor and trailer up the hill which was all ready and prepared  and treated us to a magnificent display. There were plenty of gasps and much clapping despite a few of the youngest ones shielding their ears and wondering what fireworks were all about!


New Years Eve fireworks at Coombe Mill Farm


It was a perfect start to everyone's New Year celebrations and an all inclusive family event. The weather was really on our side being both warm and dry leaving no one in a rush to retreat indoors. Half an hour after we were all safely back indoors the rain began, I was so thankful it held off for us.


New Year Eve Celebrations



For those staying up till midnight there was a lie on New Year's Day with the Feed Run at a sociable 10am instead of 9am. A welcome hour for Farmer Nick and our children though I'm not sure the animals agreed!


New Years Day Feed Run

There was even a first snowdrop bursting forth to welcome us into 2015. These will be a white carpet by February half term, along with the daffodils and primroses just beginning. If you fancy an early spring break at the farm, February half term boasts our cheapest rates.


1st Snowdrop of 2015 at Coombe Mill


Joining in with Country Kids

January can be dark and gloomy but a little fresh air is the best way to raise spirits and spot the first signs of spring growth. Pick a break in the weather, dress up warm and see what's changing out there. A little time away from central heating and screens is good for the kids and for us parents too. If you are short on inspiration just check out a few of the posts here, there are always some lovely ideas for family fun outdoors.

Country Kids is around in these communities, I'd love you to join me:

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A few of my favourites from last week:

Those who have had snow have been out making the most of it, the Evans-Crittens went sledging and built a snow dog whilst Happy Homebird and Mummy M's Memories went sledging in Tegg's Nose Park unaware they were so close they ended up in each others photos. 

Woodland walks were popular for those that didn't get the snow, City Girl Gone Coastal had fun letting off some steam after a long journey whilst Over There to Here went off exploring the woods that inspired Winnie the Pooh.

Mad Mum of 7 was exploring rock pools whilst An Organised Mess and The Boy and Me  blew away the winter cobwebs on Barry Island, both proving that even in Winter the beach is full of fun.

One Tiny Leap has been enjoying the wintry English countryside with some frozen puddle jumping whilst May Bush Studio has been letting off steam exploring the open area of 'The Avenue' in front of Stansted House. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



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