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June 20, 2014 at 11:30 PMCoombeMill

Activity Hour Making Nature Crowns

Now that the school holidays have passed the Coombe Mill Friday activity hour has moved to things the younger children can manage. Everyone loves a crown and one made with items from nature collected right here on the farm is all the more fun. Despite the lovely beach weather there were still a group of enthusiastic youngsters ready to join in. We met at reception as usual and explained to the children what we would be doing before setting off to collect all the interesting leaves, feathers and flowers we could find.

I love the way the children take to the task so readily and the parents help with the younger children is always appreciated. Clio came to give us a hand today too which was enjoyed by the children who love having her to help them.

Collecting Items for their Crowns

Once we had scoured the farm for our goodies it was back to the garden to get creative. Farmer Kym and I had prepared the table and cut the crowns from old cardboard recycling so we were ready for the children to draw, staple and stick to make their bespoke crowns right away. 


Making their crowns

We struggled with the wind blowing things away but didn't let this stop us.

One or two parents really enjoyed the task too!

Finished nature crowns


The children were delighted with their finished nature crowns

Time ran away with us and we spotted Guy coming to get his train drivers suit on just as we were fastening the last few head pieces. The children followed him over to the platform, their crowns on of course!


Clio and Charlotte walking to the train


Farmer Nick had just finished painting the new flag waving tower and Clio delighted in running up the steps to wave the train off.

There were many enthusiastic signal operators on the other side of the track slowing Guy up ahead of the tunnel.


Train Rides with their Crowns


It made a lovely afternoon of fun and a perfect end to a holiday at Coombe Mill.


Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is all about making the most of outdoor time. Whether you are playing in the park, out on an adventure, enjoying a family day at the beach or the woods or learning and crafting please do join in with Country Kids. There are only a few restrictions and despite the name posts can be urban based however please include at least one photo of your activity and make sure it is outside. From there anything goes, the more ideas we share for enjoying screen free fresh air time the better. There are always some wonderful ideas each week so please do take time to read and comment on others here. You might just find the inspiration for your next adventure.  


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A few of my favourite posts from last week:

Motherhood journeys shares a great forest school activity which I fully intend to use here at Coombe Mill for one of our activity hour sessions

Garden space comes into it's own in the sun: 2 boys 1 Mum shares the simple pleasures of feet painting while Baked Potato Mum gets out the giant paddling pool and The Boy and Me turns on the garden hose 

A Bavarian Sojourn shares the pleasures of dabbling in the river 

the photos in this outdoor pool from Sophie Is will have you wanting to jump right in

I can never resist a good beach post and 3 Kids and a Gluestick enjoys a full day of sand and sea 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Frock for Brit Mums

June 15, 2014 at 9:42 PMCoombeMill

It isn't every day I come away from the farm and when I do I like to be able to dress up and leave the work gear behind. A trip to London certainly deserves a new outfit, and to Brit Mums no less. However I am not a good shopper, rarely make time to visit a town or city and when I do it tends to be with Clio to try on the entire contents of the tween section of New Look!

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for shopping I am a hoarder and have accumulated a dress or two over the years, I just fancied the confidence boost of attending a large event in something new. My chance to shop came at The Royal Cornwall Show. I enjoyed an adult day before taking the kids and headed straight for my favourite place, the Cornwall Hospice Charity tent. My mission was to find an outfit to match my much loved Mia Tui Bag which doubles up as a practical and stylish holder for my DSLR.

The Hospice tent came up trumps and I emerged armed with three lovely dresses at £5 each and a wrap for £2.50. I felt I had myself a bargain and set about enjoying the rest of the day.


Dresses from the Royal Cornwall show for Brit Mums Live


Back at home my aspiring writer, editor, photographer and model decided she wanted to take some photos of me in my possible outfits; knowing there was a Brit Mums linky on the go I obliged. 


Brit Mums Live '14 Outfit options

I hadn't realised quite how much I would be bossed around and asked to twirl this way and that, so apologies if the pictures and video look a tad over the top but we had a giggle making it together and some quality girl time. Clio is the real star of the video with her commentary and cartwheel.




I will probably travel with all three outfits and dither on the morning without a little advice so please do help me decide.

Over the two days at Brit Mums I really want to meet so many with whom I chat online so please say hello if you spot me there. Last year it was only travelling home that I realised how many friends I had missed; I'm determined to do better this year. To make things even easier I will wear a Coombe Mill logo on my dress and support a kid's farm hat or two round my bag if not on my head.


Coombe Mill Farm Hat and Logo


I did briefly consider just dressing up as a farm animal which felt like a fun idea a month or so ago, however now the time has come I have lost the nerve for that one; there is always next year!

I'm linking this post to the Brit Mums what are you wearing linky and Magpie Monday with Liz at Me and My Shadow for the bargains I found. Also joining Jamie for Magic Moments and Charly for What's the Story. Lick on the links to find out more from other bloggers.

See you on Friday!

Fiona x

Silent Sunday / Project 52

June 14, 2014 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

June 13, 2014 at 11:30 PMCoombeMill

The Royal Cornwall Show

This is the big event in the social Calendar for Cornwall, a county country show of epic proportions and in our local town of Wadebridge. The show is so popular that the schools close for the day, knowing that more than half the school would just ring in sick otherwise. Until this year I have avoided taking my children, for one it is expensive and secondly Nick and I would have a miserable time trying to keep tabs on all the children in a place so vast and busy. This year however I gave in to the pleas to go since even the triplets had class friends going. Nick and I went alone on the Thursday to enjoy some adult time and for me to keep an eye on him in case he felt the urge to buy another BBQ hut this year as after Tree Roots cottage we need to save some money. So on Friday while the schools were off I took Alistair and Felix with Clio and her school friends and another Mum. Nick then took Guy, Jed and Theo on the Saturday afternoon while I showed in the new holiday guests. This way all the children got to go and do the things that interested them in smaller more manageable groups while one of us covered Coombe Mill.

Once in the grounds we agreed a meet up point and let the older boys go it alone. This was the last I saw of them until it was time to leave but they had a great day and met lots of their school friends.


Royal Cornwall Show Teens alone


The girls in the main stuck together as they were all interested in the same things. Here is a taste of what we enjoyed:

World War one brought to life in the trenches with volunteers on hand to demonstrate old style masks and a taste of life in the trenches.


Royal Cornwall Show WW1 display


Round the show dogs the girls all decided they needed a new pet, or perhaps it was a budgie or even a new pigmy goat or donkey for Coombe Mill. I was impressed with the handy wash units outside the animal enclosures.



Royal Cornwall Show, animals


In the absence of real cows at Coombe Mill I do think we should invest in a model to milk, it was amazing how they were all drawn to this.


Royal Cornwall Show, milking a cow 


Moving through the maze of tents free samples became their aim. From bags to toy bugs with some tasty treats too. 

Operation Hospital was a challenge and they delighted in filling in competitions to win raffle prizes in the NHS tent.



We sat to enjoy our lunch down by the main show ground to see an amazing motorbike display that had all the crowd gasping especially considering the 40mph gusts of wind. Ally and Felix were watching too although we never saw them. The younger boys and Nick missed the show the following day as the stunt man fell midair and was air lifted to hospital. Thankfully it was nothing too serious, but a very real reminder that these displays are dangerous and can go horribly wrong. The video at the end of this post captures the thrill of the action while we were there. 


 Royal cornwall show motorbike display


It is often a good idea to save the best to last, in this case the fun fair. We made our way down, distracted on the way by companies selling outdoor play equipment which Clio tested to the full. I rather fancied the play tractor for Coombe Mill in a giant sand pit but they are fearsomely expensive.


Royal Cornwall Show play equipment for sale


They raced past the real tractors deciding this was one to leave for the boys. However they fancied themselves as boating babes!


 Royal Cornwall Show Boating babes

Down at the fun fair they spent their money enjoying the rides and winning prizes.


 Royal Cornwall Show Funfair


By all accounts the Boys enjoyed their day too with Dad, the fun fair, candyfloss and the army recruitment tent headed up by a friend being the highlights for them.


Boys day at the Royal Cornwall Show

 Army tent at The Royal Cornwall Show

A happy two days that worked a treat with no one being lost, everyone doing the things they enjoyed most and already looking forward to next year.

Joining in with Country Kids

If you have been out enjoying the sunshine or the downpours of early summer with a story to tell please come and share here. All activities are welcome from garden play to crafts and learning and days out so long as it involves leaving the sofas and screens for some fresh air fun I welcome your post. Do please check out the other lovely posts here, there is always plenty of inspiration for children of all ages to be found.

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A few of my favourite posts from last week:


 Mothering with mindfulness made and sailed boats down the creek just as we love to do at Coombe Mill

Life of a wife mum daughter has some great ideas for outdoor activities in a small garden

 I so want these Go Karts from Emily Beale Photography for Coombe Mill

I love this fishing trip from Joys of the journey  


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Losing a Best Friend

June 8, 2014 at 11:17 PMCoombeMill

Words from Mum

Clio is ten and has just waved goodbye to one of her close friends of several years who has moved away from Cornwall. This is the first time this has happened and has had quite an impact on her. She wanted to write about how she feels and what she will miss with her friend's departure. It is all her own words, thoughts and photos. 

Clio's perspective

Over to Clio

My school is called St-Tudy school, and there are only about 60 pupils in the whole school, years have to share class rooms because it is such a small school. My class room has year five and year six in and everybody knows each other. A new person coming to our school is such a big event.


St Tudy school & church


When I was in year three, a new girl came to St Tudy School, when she first arrived I didn't know a thing about her, but because she was new, everybody was crowding around her and I felt I couldn't talk to her. Anyway over the following weeks Lucy became good friends with me and my friend group and that is how it has stayed.


Friends forever

Last year she said “guys I might be moving to Aberdeen in Scotland.” But she also said “but if I do it won't be for another year or so” But the year has gone now and she has moved. In her last few weeks I tried to spend as much time with her as I could before she left. These weeks have been the best with Lucy. For example we went on a school camp and had an amazing time messing around together.


Messing around on School Camp


We had a farewell boat trip for Lucy with some of my other friends. We jumped into the sea, it was freezing but we still had lots of fun. Leaving the boat I discovered I knew where we were, I had been there with my family on an adventure and recognised Guy's Cottage. We were treated to chips and tango but Lucy didn't want her tango so she gave it to me. 


Clio on boat trip with Lucy & friends


I am now no stranger to friends leaving because when my friends come and stay on holiday they leave, but most of them come back the next year, however Lucy might not ever come back and even if she does it won't be for a few more years so I’m definitely going to keep in touch with her though Skype and she is sending us a monthly letter to our class.

Lucy will do great in Scotland just as she did when she came down to us making exciting new friends, plus she will be with her extended family up there.

I will always miss Lucy because whenever I felt upset she would always come over and make me laugh, she would also never exclude anyone, but the thing I will miss most about Lucy is her smile and that she was always there for me when I needed someone.


Lucy on the farewell boat Trip

Bye Bye Lucy it won’t be the same without you.

Clio xxx 


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