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January 26, 2013 at 12:00 AMCoombeMill

What still no snow?

Last week on Country Kids was packed with so much snow inspiration. I loved the home made sleighs from Mad House Family Reviews, the snow paining and ice marbles with The Mini Mes and Me , the snow painted cat from My Little 3 and Me, the huge snow man from Mummy of Two, not to mention snow dogs and the tale of the snow mouse from Actually Mummy and a fantastic igloo from A Srong Coffee. Most of all I marvelled over so much family fun with rosy cheeks from parents and children alike, what a great way to enjoy being outdoors. I have serious snow envy from my own children who saw sun and showers all week but not a flake of snow.

Bite sized outdoor time

I have been inspired by Jenny Paulin and Cerys Parker who are challenging themselves to 15 - 20 minutes outdoor play a day with the children. I played the "Mums off duty" card last weekend going up to Birmingham for a girl's night and have found my time with the children this week played out in smaller bite sized chunks around my trip and the school day.

I thoroughly enjoyed a rare early morning with my oldest boys feeding the animals before I left for Birmingham. When you have children over age eleven, early is erased from their vocabulary, hence the "rare". 


Feeding the animals


On my return on Sunday Clio delighted in a farm walk with me filling me in on their time with Dad, which I largely deduced to be kids doing as they liked while Dad carried on working! I loved watching her balancing across fallen logs and running time trials around the newly laid train track.

Farm walk with Clio

One of Nick's jobs over the weekend was concreting in the new outdoor gym equipment. When this had set all the kids were only too keen to come home from school and give it a test run and me too!


Outdoor Gym

How have you enjoyed your time outdoor with the children recently? Whether you have seen fresh snow to play in or been to the park, the seaside, the woods or the garden I would love to hear about it here on Country Kids. Please grab the badge and check out some of the other posts linked up here too.


I have set up a Google+ community for Country Kids and I'd be delighted to see you there too. 


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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