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March 22, 2013 at 11:00 PMCoombeMill

A week for discovery on the farm

Theo, Clio and I set off on a farm discovery afternoon to see if we could find any frogspawn. Theo was sure he knew all the places to check and had found some earlier in the week; I am always keen to support a farm adventure so was delighted for him to lead the expedition which took us into the slippery marshy tall grass.


Hunting for Frogspawn


I was wondering if Theo had been imagining things, we found some clumps of dead eggs which had been unwisely laid in boggy sections and dried up in the dry weather of a few weeks ago, but nothing more. Then just as we were losing heart we found some live and kicking, quite literally kicking as some had already turned into tadpoles. The children were delighted and found that by placing a hand under them they all wriggled into life. 


Finding Frogspawn and Tadpoles

Heading out along our woodland path Theo spotted a branch that was clearly dead and leaning precariously over the path. Clio then dared him to see if he could pull it down. Never one to turn down a dare the challenge was on. Despite his best attempts he was not quite strong enough on his own, but with Clio standing on the branch and Theo pulling from the path they managed it and tossed it safely into the wooded section. Material for a future camp no doubt! At least now we know it isn't likely to fall on any passersby.


Branch Breaking to clear the path


The dare then continued with Clio only just keeping hold of her wellies as she successfully crossed the bog attempting a short cut to the river where we all whiled away the afternoon skimming stones, one Clio still needs to master!


In the Bog and the river


Joining In with Country Kids

What adventures have you enjoyed with the kids this week? I know the weather has turned miserable but some fresh air is still important for the children and for us adults. A little determination and creative thought and there is always fun to be found. These are the posts that inspired me most last week: Castle exploring from a model toddler by Laura Side Street, Garden flowers with beautiful photos from Capture by Lucy and Farming fun from Days Out Blog which makes me excited for the safe arrival of more lambs here at Coombe Mill. 

You know the drill, grab the badge, share your outdoor fun and see what others have been doing too.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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