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All the Fun of the Carnival

Here in Cornwall Carnival season is one of the major community events of the year. A week of community fund raising culminating in the village Carnival helps to support the local school, preschool, village hall, community bus and much more. Each village hosts a different Saturday throughout the summer and entries and supporters move round each one. We like to participate with our local village from an advert in the programme to entering a float on the night.

Saturday is our busy changeover day with checking the guests out, ensuring all the properties are tip top, then welcoming the new guests to Coombe Mill. To add preparing and entering a Carnival float is a challenge and a half and we need to be super organised in advance.

Ideas were tossed around at meal times in the weeks beforehand and having engaged the whole family in the "Tour de France" we set about creating our masterpiece. Farmer Nick is so clever with DIY and he soon had the children with paint brush in hand each day after school helping him create the signs in his shed. I turned a blind eye to the paint on their school uniforms in the hope it would all come out in the wash. 


Carnival Preparations in Farmer Nick's Shed 


Our Rubbish Trailer towed by the car became the vehicle. However rubbish day is Friday so we had to wait till Friday afternoon before securing the signs and dressing the trailer with the finishing touches of ribbons and crapped paper.  

So often I missed out on the start of the evening fun waiting for late arrivals at the farm, but this year we were blessed with a beautiful sunny evening and all but our regular guests checked in by 4.30pm; leaving a note for the regulars, I jumped at the chance to join the family float. All the children had PE kits and cycle helmets, Nick had his chauffeur outfit at the ready and Felix was our arty camera man, but what could I be? All we could think of was the glamorous (cough) assistant handing out the medals and the Champaign! Well in half an hour I managed a black dress, makeup, ribbons in a hair slide, a bottle of cheap fizz from the fridge and one of the Kids Sporting Medals.  We were good to go as family Coombe Mill! 


Float ready to leave Coombe Mill


Arriving at the village green there was plenty of posing for the official photographers and Carnival Judges


 Ready for the Judges and Photographers



To the sound of the band playing the procession set off down through the village to the football grounds.  I was delighted to see some of our guests come up the street to cheer us on with the locals.

Carnival Procession

We were welcomed into the playing fields with a bar, food, bouncy castle, fairground stalls and even a children's entertainer to draw the village in. Plenty of time to amble round and see the floats, enjoy some family fun time or listen to the Samba band as the heat of the sun began to fade.

Family Fun at the Football Grounds


A huge marquee housed the delightful Carnival Royalty who handed out the winning trophies. To our total surprise our name came out over the loudspeaker and we won in two categories; first place for most topical float and second overall in the mixed float category. The children were overjoyed and chanted songs from the float like a bunch of football supporters all the way home before cracking the fizz for a celebration glass each (it was low alcohol).  


Carnival Winners Coombe Mill


Now they are looking forward to doing it all over again this Saturday at the neighbouring village Carnival!

Joining in with Country Kids

With all this wonderful summer sun I am hoping you have a family outdoor post to share too. Weather it is cooling off with the sprinkler in the garden, fun at the beach or something quite different in the amazing outdoors please come and share it here on the linky. Please grab the badge and visit a few others here too, there are always some wonderful ideas for enjoying the great outdoors.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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