Keeping chickens safe from the European bird flu.

Posted on January 29th, 2017 - Fiona

When the government’s chief vet announced in December that all birds should be kept indoors for at least the next 30 days my heart sank. We have the most amazing “Jurassic Park” for keeping chickens and ducks safe at Coombe Mill with fresh water pond, fox safety fencing, shelter and all mod cons – well if you are a chicken or duck that is.

Jurassic Park

In theory we could move everything indoors for a period, but we knew the birds wouldn’t enjoy it and neither would we enjoy the resulting smell from having them all cooped up! We had no choice but to do as advised. The risk to humans from bird flu is still extremely small but it would be churlish to ignore the advice. Over the coming week we gradually captured the chickens and moved them to our old peacock enclosure. It had been a makeshift home last winter for a month when the field became too slippery and wet for the guests to enter. This winter they would have to return even though their field was still lovely and dry.

Chickens in Peacock World

The ducks and geese were harder. An even older Avery has now become their home with much help needed from Guy, our resident geese catcher in moving them. On the plus side the space for them is much better than for the chickens, so long as the structure actually survives another year!  

Ducks into their new home

Farmer Nick had a premonition that the 30 day indoor ruling was likely to be extended and set to work creating his very own chicken world for keeping chickens safe behind his farm shed. Being such a handy man really comes into its own at times like this. He spent every spare moment over the Christmas holidays taking advantage of the older two boys being home from college and university to put his plan into action.

Building the new home for keeping chickens

Beginning with a proper concrete floor and building up with solid wooden walls and doors, a patch of scrubland was transformed into a luxury chicken coop. Nesting boxes, perches and lighting will hopefully mean even our winter guests will be able to find an egg for breakfast!

Finished Chicken Coop

The chickens certainly looked happy to be leaving their old quarters and scratching round in the fresh sawdust of Chicken world. I was mighty pleased for an opportunity to give the old home a good hose down!

Finished Chicken Coop

Because my clever husband always thinks one step ahead, he made the new housing extra large; sectioning off a second room that can be used for other any other animals that need to be moved indoors. A poorly animal, new struggling mother or even all the goats or donkeys in prolonged periods of wet weather can now be housed indoors as well as keeping chickens safe.

The other end of Chicken World

It will still be good to let the birds back out into Jurassic Park again, but for now at least we know they have a comfortable indoor home.   

 Do you know anyone keeping chickens? Are they indoors now too?

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Planning for success in 2017

Posted on January 8th, 2017 - Fiona

I’ve been catching upon reading blog posts this past week and feel I may be bringing up the rear in finally managing to gather my thoughts on the year passed and my goals ahead. I’m not big on New Year Resolutions, but setting out a few objectives with Farmer Nick is essential in planning for success in business.

Planning for Success at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays in 2017

2016, how did we measure up?

The Business

Looking at my post from a year ago, either we were soft on our goals, or we were super successful! The answer is probably a bit of both as I like the ‘feel good’ factor of achieving targets.

Refit the under 5’s Play Barn

There was drama and expense as Nick bought a super new soft play system for our shed, then insulated and raised the floor of the barn so the equipment didn’t fit! A rise in the walls and a new roof later and we had a new play barn we were proud of.


Install Cattle Grids

Watch out now on your drive to the lodges, there are two sets of bespoke cattle grids to cross with sheep grazing in between. These cattle grids have opened up our top fields for animals without the need for holiday guests to jump in and out of cars to open and shut gates.

New wood burners for Honeysuckle and Willow Cottages

Another project that sounded simple but in fact turned out to be anything but. We had damp on the outer wall of Willow cottage and thought the chimney was to blame, this was re-pointed and funky new woodburners added. However the damp turned out to be from the outside wall where the pointing had failed. A long month of hard work with a trowel and a bucket of concrete and Farmer Nick had everything sorted.

Transformed by a new Wood Burner at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall, England UK.
Polzeath Lodge at Coombe Mill Christmas 2016

Begin building Polzeath Lodge

This was our big autumn project. If we raised enough money from 2016 summer bookings, the plan was to start building a new holiday lodge. We raised the funds and began work after October half term.  By the Christmas holidays we met our objective of having the shell up and the building watertight.

A Few Extras

On top of these stated objectives we achieved a whole lot more that makes me wonder now how on earth we fitted it all in to one year:

With every property now having it’s own washing machine and tumble drier, we turned the old laundry room into a boot room with wetsuits, wellies and farm overalls to borrow.
A new Boot Room on the farm at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
A Games Room for Older Kids at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.
A games room was created out of two former rental lodges. This has been really popular with older children and provided a great base for wet weather craft days for me as well as a perfect party room for our seasonal events. 
We introduced new deer to our herd from a city farm in Crystal Palace. ‘The Londoners’ as they have become known are very friendly and have been a joy on the morning feed run as they come so close for their cornflakes.
Poppy the steam train as Santa Express
Behind the scenes Nick has refurbished the Feed Run trailer and re-painted the ever popular train.  Speaking of trains, thanks to Amber, our duty manager, we borrowed her family steam train “Poppy” for Christmas Eve giving our famous Santa Express ride real authenticity.
The website moved from blog Engine to WordPress midyear. This involved a tremendous effort behind the scene, but as it largely went unnoticed to our users, I count this as a successful step.  My main incentive to change was to increase the scope of the ever growing Coombe Mill Blog. Coombe Mill Website Printscreen

The Coombe Mill Blog

An Award Win

My highlight this year was winning Reader’s Choice in the BIBs awards. I had a wonderful time at Brit Mums Live catching up with blogging friends; to win an award too was just the best feeling. Planning for success certainly didn’t include this but it has been the best confidence boost for me.


A High Rank

Finishing the year ranked 12 in TOTS was another milestone for me. I dropped right out of the top 100 when I switched blogging platforms midyear and never imagined I could shoot back up.  I would dearly love to be a helpful blogger and share how I did this, but the honest truth is I have no idea. I just do my thing and wait and see what number rolls round on my side bar each month.

tots 100 ranked 12

A Finalist

I entered into the Odeon UK Blog Awards in December and have just found out I am a finalist in the Parenting category. Now I have a dilemma, do I go to the awards in London, on my triplets 13th birthday, or demonstrate good parenting and stay in Cornwall?



My children are growing up too fast and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Alistair started Cardiff University this year studying Economics. Felix did well in his GCSE’s and has moved to  ‘A level’ college. Theo is into his GCSE courses and has taken a shine to drama and the Triplets all brought home good reports in their first year at Secondary school. Family photos still elude me, but I do like this one from Christmas day on the beach. Excuse Guy and I in a separate photo, we were in the sea while the others walked to the headland.
Family Cambouropoulos photo at the beach

Planning for success in 2017

As last year, I am not going to set myself targets that are too stretching and my only measured planning for success goals are business ones. That said, working at full tilt is my style and I’m sure there will be more achieved than I’ve set out here. For My Blog, if I manage anything close to what I achieved in 2016 I will be delighted. As for the children, if they try their best at school, respect one another and enjoy life that is all I ask.

Business Goals for 2017

  • Finish Polzeath

    This is the big one in planning for success that is going to occupy the early months of the year for us. From decisions on electric points right down to the internal fit out the race is on to complete the project ahead of the 2017 summer season. It is currently available to book from May but I have a secret hope of finishing it in time for Easter bookings with some new ‘wow features’ to make it extra popular.

  • Sand Pit

    On a slightly different scale to Polzeath! I want Farmer Nick to make a giant sand pit in the far play area with a canopy roof over the top. I know how popular our little one is currently and I’m sure a giant one with lots of colourful buckets and spades would have hours of use.

  • Animal shelters.

    The bird flu scare has had us bring all our birds into two old aviaries. These really aren’t ideal for long periods indoors so Nick has begun work on some serious animal shelters on the side of his work barn, ‘The Aircraft Hanger’ as I call it. They will have concrete floors that could be used for any animals that need to be brought indoors in time.

  • Re theme the Welly Walk

    The welly planters on the welly walk are starting to look a little tired, yet the walk itself is still full of interest with the swing seat to discover at the end. I’d like to re theme this in some way based on the success of the temporary Halloween and Christmas Elf Trails last year.

  • Website SEO

    Having moved to WordPress and fallen in love with the power of Yeost I need to have a real look over my website and optimise our search phrases. Reliance on Google searches turning us up on the first page becomes more and more important in planning for success with our holiday bookings.

Final Thoughts

Planning for success is no walk in the park, but I hope to make our family business a little stronger again by the end of the year, keep my blog thriving and above all support my family at all times.  I hope you can follow our journey and see a path to fulfilling your own dreams for the year ahead.

From Dirty Laundry to Boot Room Chats

Posted on June 26th, 2016 - Fiona

No more airing your dirty laundry in public!  

Long ago our new boot room was a laundry room and a hive of activity here on the farm. A meeting point for parents as washing machines whirled and tumble driers spun at the end of a day on the farm. However the room has looked very sad and unloved for the past 12 months since we decommissioned all our remaining riverside lodges. The cottages and Scandinavian lodges all have their own washing machines and tumble driers which much more convenient for our guests than carrying washing out to an onsite laundry.

Old Laundry Room before renovation work at coombe Mill self Catering Holidays

Pondering a new use for the laundry

It has taken us a long time to work out how best to use the space. It was always going to be a big job to make all the electrics safe in the room after the machines were removed, but as the log cabin stands in a prime spot in the middle of the Coombe Mill estate we were keen to come up with a new use that would be beneficial to our holiday guests.

  1. We considered a games room, but found a better space for this
  2. We thought of moving our storage room here to make it more convenient for our cleaners, but decided the steps weren’t ideal with heavy Henry Hoovers and log baskets.
  3. Finally we agreed the area currently most cramped was the borrow room. This space was impossible to keep tidy with everything from welly boots to dressing up clothes fighting for space.

The old cluttered borrow room at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays. Cornwall


The games, toys and dressing up clothes all moved over to a spare corner of the new Games Room. Now you can see the books clearly and collect a game without them all toppling down on you.

New Games room with games and toys to borrow at Coombe Mill Family Self Catering Holidays. Cornwall

DIY SOS to create a boot room

Farmer Nick took professional help in making all the electrics in the new boot room safe before getting the family team involved in painting, cleaning and re-flooring.

Cleaning and painting the old laundry room at Coombe Mill

With a clean fresh room we began to plan our displays. I was keen to hang the wetsuits rather than have them all jumbled in a bucket and create a hanging wall rather like in the utility room of Tree Roots Cottage for farm overalls. There was also the question of what to do with wet items.

Nick used old sections of roof from the play barn which he cut to size, glossed, hung with pegs for the overalls.

Creating overall hanging space in the New Boot Room at Coombe Mill Family self Catering Holidays. Cornwall

For wet items he plumbed in an old shower tray with one of the roof panel boards above and attached a hanging rail. This made a perfect place for wet wetsuits to hang or farm overalls to dry. With a tap right outside our vision was taking shape.

Wet Suits to borrow from the Coombe Mill Boot Room

Finally with all the remaining items carried over I wasn’t happy with the clutter still in buckets on the floor. Nick put up shelves for me for the wellington boots. Now it was possible to clearly see sizes and pairs just at a glance.

Wellies to borrow from the boot Room at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Badminton rackets and cricket / rounders sets were hung on more pegs along with baby carriers.

Cricket, Baby Carriers and Badminton to borrow from the Boot Room at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays

Finally we removed the old Laundry sign and added a shiny new one so everyone would know what was inside.

From Laundry Room to Boot Room at Coombe Mill Holidays

Our boot room makeover complete

At last we have a boot room to be proud of. One that could really be used without undertaking a giant hunt in the hope of emerging with the item you needed and a separate games room with everything from scrabble to ping pong.

A new Boot Room on the farm at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Swapping soap powder and dirty laundry woes for beach tips and the best farm puddle gear seems a much better way to socialise on holiday.

An Enchanting Cornish Longhouse

Posted on May 21st, 2016 - Fiona

Researching what you value

I have been looking to make a few improvements to the website and as part of this Nick and I undertook some valuable market research in East Sussex. We met with a group of Mums and Dads last week. One of the findings coming out was a desire to capture more of what we offer in an initial glance at the homepage. As part of this I was out taking property photos this week and rather fell in love with this photo from the front of our old Cornish Longhouse: Millers House.


Millers House bathed in sunshine today. A great family 5 bedroom cottage. Still limited summer availability before 23rd July. #sun #Cornwall #holidaycottage #palmtrees #shrubs #pretty #gardens #summer #sunshine #bluesky #countryliving

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on

 A focus on Millers House 

All the summer colours are bursting forth and I thought it was worth a close up on the wisteria growing around the windows at the far end.


Wisteria outside Millers Cottage here at Coombe Mill. #wisteria #flower #summer #cottage #pretty #holidaycottage #Cornwall

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on

With 2 lovely photos on this one property I decided to turn my weekly photos into a focus on this lovely Cornish Longhouse.

The cottage is one of two remaining original buildings at Coombe Mill; the other being Water Mill. They date back to the 16th Century when Coombe Mill was a working market farm and most likely a Mill using water from the River Camel that flows through the grounds.

 Inside Millers House we have kept all the period features whilst converting the old Cornish Longhouse into a luxury family cottage with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  What is now a fully equipped kitchen was most likely the hub of the house with its huge inglenook fireplace.

Kitchen in Millers House a Cornish Long House at coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The giant hallway with old beams and the original front doorway was most likely used for animals with sleeping space above. Now it makes a grand entrance way with ample toys stored in the under stairs area.

Grand Hallway in Millers House Cornish Longhouse a farm cottage at Coombe Mill

To the back of the cottage we have landscaped the originals moorland scrub to make a family friendly outdoor patio and garden all enclosed to be safe for little visitors.

Millers House back Garden and Patio. A Coombe Mill Self Catering Cottage

More about our Cornish Longhouse 

If you fancy staying in this old style cottage you can find more about it on our website page for Millers House.

A Games Room for Older Kids

Posted on March 27th, 2016 - Fiona

Converting Riverside lodges

After the success of our play barn make over with a whole new soft play centre for under 5’s, we were keen to create a wet weather day equivalent for older children too. This is something we had wanted to do for a long time but the perfect location has only just been realised. Last year we gained planning permission to turn all our remaining riverside lodges in to the contemporary Scandinavian style of Trevarno, so popular with our holiday guests. One by one the old riverside lodges are being converted, Camel became our reception and shop, Ottery the Gym and now having sold the contents of the remaining lodges at our charity sale in aid of the village Playground, we had Deer and DeLank offering a large space that would be perfect as a games room.

Old Riverside Lodges at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Creating the Games Room

Deer and DeLank were semi detached, and whilst they were tiny as 2 bedroom lodges, when stripped of their internal walls the space began to transform. I must say as partition walls came down scattering debris around and leaving wiring and sockets dangling, I wondered if we had bitten off more than we could chew with this project.

Destroying the riverside lodges at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.


Having teenage boys comes into its own on projects like this and they worked after school and weekends to help their Dad make everything safe with a huge bonfire for all the old timbers they had knocked down. Finally we had a blank canvas to work on, well almost since the carpet had gaps and a ghastly multicolour effect from room and property divides and the wiring needed some serious attention.


Empty room at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Hosting a birthday party

We had a deadline in our minds to make the room safe by and that was Nick’s birthday. I had invited 18 friends, more than we could sensibly sit in our kitchen, and the new games room was beginning to look like the obvious answer. We restored one of the cookers to the kitchen area and laid new carpet on the morning of the party. With twinkle lights tacked round the edge of the room from the Christmas decoration store and garden tables cleaned up, we pulled off a wonderful Greek Taverna night.


Nicks Party at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Fitting out the Games Room

After a huge clean up from the party it was onward with the games room plan. We bought a pool table which was ridiculously heavy to lift and manoeuvre through the little lodge doors, brought the table tennis across from the craft tent and still had room for table football. All was complete just in time for half term.


A Games Room for Older Kids at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

A base for Activity Hour

With the tent now missing the ping pong table, which doubled up as a craft table, it seemed only sensible to move activity hour into the games room too. We enjoyed our first session in here making Valentine’s crafts and heading out on to the farm for a treasure hunt. I have now moved all my craft supplies into the locked kitchen area and kept the cooker in there too which is going to be really handy for cooking and baking.


Activity Hour in the Games Room at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.


Finally I had been after a chalk board but it just wasn’t practical in the tent, here I had the perfect space and Nick made me one which I’m thrilled with. I’ll share how to do this in April’s Trash2Treasure. I’m so excited about the possibilities ahead for activity hour for the summer season.


Chalk Board at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK.

Now I feel we have something to offer all ages here on the farm in all weather, if you are looking to come and stay please take a look at our availability as we would love to welcome you for a family holiday. We hope to start work on one of the new lodges this autumn which will be next door, but not too close to the new games room and available to rent from next spring. In the mean time I have a large empty tent and I’m looking for inspiration on how best to use it; any ideas?

The Tent at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays, Cornwall, England, UK

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