Activity Hour; Imagination and Farm Craft Fun.

2014 saw the start of Activity hour. This is an opportunity for children and parents to come together at the end of the week and enjoy an organised activity hour, this usually includes making a themed farm craft and playing some games to get the kids imaginations flowing. The activities vary with the from season to season and the ages of the children visiting. We will ask you to sign up on arrival, so that we can plan the activities for the coming week to fit the people who will be joining in with us that week.


Activity Hour across the season with Farm Craft and Imaginative play


A lot of the materials we use during Activity Hour to make the each farm craft are recycled or naturally found around the farm. We take the children to search for the items needed to get them exploring the farm before we work through the easy instructions to make the farm craft. Many of the sessions take advantage of the topics covered within our great educational resources, developed in partnership with twinkl UK.  


The video below is from a session run in May 2016.


Please note; out of season, if there isn’t enough people signed up to join in, the activity hour will not run. 

For more information on some of the Activity hour sessions we have previously run please take a look under Farm Crafts and Country Kids on the Coombe Mill blog where I showcase many of the weekly sessions. The documentation on the blog has been sited by UK Education Magazine as one of the best resources around for early years learning.