Dear Diary Sunday 20th March

Posted on March 20th, 2011

Welcome to another wonderful sunny day at Coombe Mill.We have had such an eventful few days since my last post I have hardly had time to sleep!

Firstly our beautiful 3 alpacas arrived on Friday afternoon. They are just gorgeous and make the cutest of cooing noises to you. We are delighted at how friendly they are being led beautifully into the field on arriving and clearly intelligent as for their first feed run this morning they knew just where to congregate for breakfast! They are less shy than the deer and we were able to stroke Coffee this morning which was a real achievement as this was their first time seeing so many faces all fascinated with them. I am convinced that as the summer progresses they will become more and more familair with thier new home and realy enjoy thier morning visit from us all. They love a small piece of carrot too if you are visiting them during the day!

Our bookings are going from strength to strength this spring and we had our first busy changeover of the season yesterday. It felt so refreshing to have such a beautiful sunny day with some real warmth. The sheets dried in no time out on the washing line….
The spring warmth is making the grass shoot away, lovely for the animals to have some fresh grass again, not so good for poor old farmer Nick who is back out with the lawn mower again for the season!
The thing that really makes a Saturday changover all worth while is to see our newly arrived visitors out explorig the farm and discovering all that Coombe has to offer
Fortuately we have loads of daffodils on the farm right now as my children are endlessly bringing me bunches, I was worried they were desimating the farm but there are still plenty for all to enjoy and I hate to discourage their loving gustures, though I am running out of vases!
The children were even inspired to help Dad by washing the car yesterday afternoon, all good stuff except they managed to soak themselves in the process, rather deliberate I feel, and narrowly avoid placing our newly arriving guests in the firing line of the water hose!
Afternoon feed bottle time for Domino the lamb now, I wonder if I will find any helpers on the farm with my chores?