Me Time, do you get enough?

Posted on May 17th, 2011

Juggling parenthood, career, housewife and more as today’s modern, do it all Mummy can be tough and leave you frazzled, torn in many directions and constantly feeling like you are not giving any one area of your life the attention it deserves. If this sounds familiar then you will also know that it can be even harder to justify adding in time for yourself! The guilty thought of time for the things you want to do when everyone and everything is pulling at your every moment can make it all feel too much. I have found over the years that being selfish about time for me actually makes me much better at all the other aspects of my life! I am now quite unashamedly selfish in finding time each day (well most days) for the things that are for me!
What you take time out for is up to you, that you do it is important. For me it is exercise, I don’t run marathons or swim the English Channel but I do enjoy a gentle jog in the morning to sort out my plans for the day or a few lengths of the local pool. It makes me feel good, makes me thankful of all that is truly wonderful in my life and helps me approach all other areas of my life in a positive manner. I don’t resent working late at night if I know I can take time out for me in the morning. It doesn’t have to be exercise, that’s just what works for me, a walk in the park, or relax in the garden with a magazine could be what works for you, just think about what you would really like to do if only you had 1/2 hour and DO IT! Where there is a will there’s a way. If you are a stay at home Mum, try an hour of baby sharing with your friends children so you each get an hour of ‘me time’.

My real ‘Me Time’ treat is a girly spa break! A group of us set this one up a couple years ago for the first time and are now planning our 3rd trip! We come back from one planning the next, the feel good factor of having another trip on the horizon is great for positive thoughts on life! Our secret paradise get a way is The Bay Spa Hotel at Fistral beach Newquay

This close to the beach!

Perfect for us surfer dude Mums, we can watch the waves from our bedrooms and check out the best time to grab our boards! OK. so you are thinking, “jammy mummy, how does she do that one with kids to look after and wow expensive!” Actually they do an amazing Sunday night deal for around £80 per person to include dinner, b&b and wonderful full body massage. Just can’t fault it! As we are staying we get full use of the amazing gym, lovely pool with twinkling lights and water fall and relaxing sauna, steam room and jacuzzi….beam me there now!

the lovely spa pool  

Us girls lost in a cloudy haze of the jacuzzi!

All gym, spa & surfed out &
 enjoying a pre dinner drink
 watching the waves!

For just one night and 2 days our partners manage the kids – we give them plenty of warning and come back so happy and chilled they are almost asking when we are off again!! The Bay Spa cater for families too and have different offers on other nights of the week. Why not treat the family to a night on the end or start of a holiday to Coombe Mill, (just under 1/2 hour from us) then suggest what a good idea it would be to do something similar with your friends!!

I would love to hear your ‘me time’ treats, the little or big things that make you feel really good about life, appreciate your family more and make you a more tolerant person all round .