Dear Diary – A Wet Sunday 12th June ’11

Posted on June 12th, 2011

I woke this morning to a wet and miserable summer Sunday. After the beautiful and prolonged good weather we have had for months it really was a bit of a shock to the system. As I peered out the window early on to see the rain hammering down on the veranda, I could not possibly have imagined the lovely family day upon which I now find myself reflecting.

Deciding not to be a wimp about the weather I put on my coat and wellies and joined my husband (farmer Nick) for the daily tractor ride where all our newly arrived guests get to be hands on with our animals. Taking pictures in the rain was tricky but I was soon motivated by the determination of our guests to ignore the weather and just enjoy the ride! The funny thing is I really think the children are quite oblivious to the weather. 3 of our children joined in wearing summer gear, crocs and no coats! The guests were more sensibly dressed but again the children were dashing around hunting for an egg and feeding the animals seemingly unaware they were being drenched in the process! 

We have a lovely facebook picture album tell the tail!//

Here is one of my favourite pics from the feed run album:
Theo and Clio with the polish banthan chicks
After all returning home for coffee and hot chocolate, Nick and Theo drove off to St Austell to buy a new Billy Goat and female in kid while I cracked on with a good old family roast lunch for their return. With all the beautiful weather this year none of us could remember our last family lunch time roast and everyone present (parties, clubs and play dates invariably involve someone!). I am a great believer in family meal times and while it is not practical every day we all enjoy them when we can. It does now take both my ovens to cope with the quantities for a family of 8! It was gone 3pm before our monster roast and my legendary crumble and custard were finished. The rain pitter pattering outside was strangely comforting and helped us all chill and enjoy the time with no urgency to move on (well that and the glass of wine!).

And a cheeky glass of Red for Nick and I!
Mixed fruit crumble and custard – yum!

Theo and Nick took us to see how the new Billy and his girl were settling into their new field after lunch. We were all glad of the walk and pleased to see the new comers looking very happy with their new surroundings and new friends.
Like a true Billy, he really has an unmistakable goatee stink. A good sign we hope for fathering next year’s kids!

Settling in at Coombe Mill!
The children were keen to keep me out on the farm so we went off round the lake where they wanted to show me the mini frogs they have been watching since tadpoles in the spring. It was not a difficult hunt, I couldn’t believe how many there were!
Nice one boys!
Our tour round the carp lake also revealed some naughty escape goats enjoying the lush surroundings! Bold as brass, they were not inclined to move when we came up but instead quite happy for a pat and a cuddle. Houdini has clearly been teaching the others all her special fence hoping tricks!

The sneaky group!
Dusty our kid goat is everyone’s favourite!

We rounded off the afternoon pebble skimming in the river.  One of those challenges where you always want ‘just one more try’ to see if you can beat the record! I have to concede that Theo was better than me however I do suspect he has wasted many an hour practicing before challenging me today! Never the less it was a lovely use of the afternoon and reminded me just how much there is to do at Coombe Mill, even on a wet Sunday. With just a little imagination and there is hours of fun to be had on the farm.

It might not look like a winning pose but it certainly worked!

With all the family now tucked up in bed, and Felix and Theo packed ready for school camp in the morning, I am so pleased we had such a lovely day together here at Coombe Mill. I hope you will have the chance to come and stay with us one day and enjoy all there is to do on the farm, what ever the weather!!