On the Farm – Wallabies free to good home?

Posted on July 5th, 2011

My husband does have some ‘off the wall’ ideas about our farm, or is it now a zoo? We have just separated the deer from the alpaca, well we had to really since the poor new born fawn was attempting to feed from the nosey male alpaca who had scared away mum!

Just born and looking for mum

Anyway, with mission accomplished here, a friend then planted the idea of wallabies in Farmer Nick’s head! This led to him contacting our friendly neighbour who has a few (doesn’t every neighbour keep wallabies?) and was offered them for free, or that was the line I was spun!

A cute addition to Coombe Mill?

………….. surely there is a catch or two!

Turns out the ‘catch’ is in the catching! We may only be trying to move them by a couple of fields, but these lovely animals can’t half jump and are not exactly tame! Nick is busy scheming of the men, the equipment and the time to catch and move these wallabies while I am worrying about the cost of said operation. Watch out if you are coming to stay on any future wallaby catching day, I think it will be all volunteers accepted!

Supposing for a minute these wallabies can be caught and brought to Coombe Mill, where will they go? I think the deer have had enough with the alpacas so who is to share with the wallabies? Farmer Nick has a plan! Apparently the answer to my question is in with the ducks and chickens. However they need 6ft secure fencing and farmer Nick and Ted’s DIY electrified chicken fencing is someway short of the mark! An afternoon surfing the web for wallaby fencing suppliers (funnily enough not found in abundance!) finally resulted in an estimated cost of £2000 for the pukka thing….not quite such free wallabies after all but Nick is still sure they will be popular with our guests and I tend to agree!

Watch out chickens and ducks, you may have company soon!
What do you think? Would you like to see Wallabies added to the farm here at Coombe Mill? Do please post your thoughts and comments for us before we commit to this latest plan.