Dear Diary – What happened to the play boat?

Posted on July 22nd, 2011

A quiet day on the farm until drama unfolds, quick call the fire brigade, we have an arson attack in the play area!

something has really fueled those flames!
Hang on a minute……where is Farmer Nick? I have been subtley mentioning for weeks that the play boat needs some sanding down and repainting. A suspicious farmer’s wife might suspect a spot of sabotage going on here! 

Who snuck in with those safety fences?
OK so sanding and repainting is no longer an option for this boat. Instead I can see 1 digger, 2 farmers and a very big hole left to fill, but what with? I just knew something was bubbling under when he spontaneously brought the washing in for me!

He is after something!

Digging to Australia?

It turns out he has been back on eBay and bought a very substantial children’s outdoor play wobble board. Well I’m sure it had a more professional name when sold by the manufacturer, but play wobble board or bouncy board is the most accurate description I can manage. To his credit it is in excellent condition and looks sturdy enough to last for years.
“Come on boys, hurry up and see if we can finish this job before I collect the kids from school”. (I am becoming quietly excited about this now and keen to share in the action!)
Wow with springs like this even Dad’s can have a go!
It’s taking shape and we’re on to the back filling, just 15 minutes before the children come home “put your backs into it then”…….. I’m more than occupied of cause enjoying the sunshine, holding the camera and offering morale support!

A bit more filling this side Ted!

And we are ready! A quick test by me before school run.


It’s clearly going to be a winner all round this summer. Excited children all came to give it a go…….
All in a days work here on the farm. I know there are more plans bubbling so keep watching and following to see which one lands next……Nick have you caught those wallabies yet?