Just Another Day on the Farm

Posted on September 12th, 2011

Easily Tempted

I am sure we wern’t promised a sunny day, but when it snuck up on me yesterday I had to make the most of it. After a lovely morning feed run, Farmer Nick and our eldest son Alistair drove off with friends to Plymouth to watch the Americas Cup (sailing), leaving me and the younger children behind. I could so easily have lost myself in the office and kitchen for the day but the sun shine was just too tempting! 

Just chilling out

Clio and I wandered out onto the farm on own at first, only to find many of our guests making the most of the various Coombe play areas too. As usual it was minutes before I was happily chatting to the parents and Clio playing with their children.

Toddler out door play areaClio in the play areamaking friends

The Play TractorKids swingsZip wire in Children's Play Area

Sibling Rivalry

Lunch out on the veranda with Clio retelling her morning adventures meant I had a queue of requests from the boys to go out on the farm with them in the afternoon! Why is it that they can jump on the trampoline at any time, but it’s only if I jump on it with them or we climb a tree together that it becomes an adventure?

Over the Foot Bridge to the AnimalsKids favorite TreeGiving our scraps to the Piggies

Stinky Billy and his GirlfriendSwing Ball for 3?Turning the swings into a Balancing beam!

Not so welcome

Our guests were not necessarily delighted to see my boys appear, like a tornado ripping through, shouting, pushing (each other) and general showing off. They meant no harm of cause, but they are bigger than the tots we welcome here in term time and despite my  best efforts to shush at them I think everyone was pleased when the ‘bigger boys’ moved on and peace was restored for toddler play!

Felix with his flips on the trampoline Jed on the Trampoline copying big brotherToddler Swing Ball

Inside the Play HouseToddler in Play AreaFortress Slide and Toddler

The Orchard

Theo and I stopped by the orchard to gather apples, it has only been going 2 years but already we are benefiting!

 Collecting Apples from the OrchardApples galore!

New Land

Nick and Alistair came back with stories of over turned boats and disqualifications and tremendous speeds in the sailing, before heading off to clear some new land we have just purchased near the cottages. This of cause was perfect boy stuff and all the boys disappeared together on the tractor for tools, equipment and a lesson in tree chopping from Dad!

Tractor, Farmer Nick and BoysFarmer Tree ChoppingBoys wood Chopping down

Family Catch up time

The perfect opportunity for me to finish off the gammon in cider casserole I had been trying to get stuck into all day!      With my monseter size cooking pot and 3 large gammon joints there was plenty for my hard working wood choppers and a few meals for the freezer in the shop too. Everyone had a story to tell over dinner from trampoline flips to over turned boats, new friends to aching shoulders.  

Gammon in Cider CasseroleFamily Dinner

And me….

I am just a real mother hen, happy to see them happy and making the most of their childhood here at Coombe Mill.