All ‘Beeched’ Out

Posted on September 26th, 2011

Gales   Beech and Leaves

A windy day last week saw the Deer’s favourite tree come crashing down through the fence, lopping off some Oak branches before coming to rest in the pony field. It was a quick patch up job to bodge the fencing, before really getting to grips with repairing the damage.

Rotten yet beautiful

The old beech tree turned out to be rotten right through with only around 6 inches of strong trunk holding it up all round the edge. The structure itself is full of interest, call me a nerd, but 30 plus centimetre fungus in layers hanging off the sides is really quite fascinating along with the soft light interior. I wish I had a more elaborate camera to demonstrate!

Uprooted in styleFascinating Fungus GrowthBark and Fungus

What about the Deer?

Funnily enough the Deer must be creatures of habit, they still gather in the same far corner of their field during the feed run, even though their best camouflage tree is lying on the ground! As we creep up on them in the mornings they still make a dash down to the bottom of the field.

Deer HuntDeer HidingDeer Running

Goat Heaven!

 Turns out the goats are now in heaven. They currently share the deer field and oak leaves to them are like cake to you and me, the beech a close 2nd place! Just as well goats are deft climbers as the tree is so large and precariously fallen only they can wind their way in amongst the spindly branches for the tastiest leaves. Farmer Nick thinks the tree will keep them going all year, if they can ration themselves, I fear they will gobble up all the best bits and go pop beforehand!

Goats feedingGoat in Beech TreeGoat Feeding

 Kids Play

The children have all been quick to see the attraction of the fallen Beech too. The potential for a natural climbing frame always so much more fun than one purpose built! My children are also planning den building and camps with great enthusiasm!

Kids play in TreeToddler Play in TreeKids playing in Tree

Farmer Nick, Always the Opportunist

Farmer Nick and a chainsaw are never far behind a fallen tree! The branches crashing though the fencing are already being collected for next year’s firewood to fuel our cottage and lodge wood burners.

Tree through Deer FenceFarmer Nick and his ChainsawNext Year's Logs for storage 

3 Cheers to the British Beech

The old beech tree really was a beauty in all its years standing, yet is now still proving it still has much to offer for us at Coombe Mill!

    Beech Tree