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We all know kids learn best when they are seeing and doing and not just listening in the classroom. Coombe Mill allows children the chance to learn so much from science to geography. The daily animal feed run is always packed with inquisative children asking farmer Nick one question after another as they help him on his morning chores.Farmer Nick answers questions from children and parents


Practical learning on holiday can also be supported by our education pages which cover many of the national curriculum topics 




William’s Project

We were thrilled to hear that one of our young guests had chosen the River Camel for his school project. The river is a beautiful feature of Coombe Mill, enjoyed by our guests for fishing and play.  It clearly made an impression on William. We are delighted he has brought his project back with him on holiday to show us and agreed to share it here.


By William Age 8


I hope this is the first of many school projects we will be able to show case here on the blog. A huge thank you to William for sharing his good work. If anyone else has completed the education sheets, a Coombe Mill dairy or similar project to William and would be happy to share them please do let us know.

I am spoilt for choice for this week’s Silent Sunday, so many happy memories from a wonderful half term, but here goes for one of my favourites:


Polzeath Beach with Lifeguard Flag


Is it a sauce, a jam or a coulee?

I am renowned for just bunging ingredients in a pot and cooking. It sounds random but usually I have an idea at the back of my mind which just develops as I go. I hate waste and love to use fruit and veg in season, especially if it is local or better still from our farm. Naturally when a friend offered me the last of her defrosting redcurrants from the depths of her freezer I jumped at the chance. Fruit jams and chutneys are not my strength but I was determined not to waste anything. Already defrosting I had to act fast and simply dumped the huge bag of redcurrants in a large pan with a large 1kg bag of granulated sugar. Possibly not the correct sugar, but the one I had in the kitchen! It slowly bubbled away and began to thicken. The pith and bits were just too much so I sieved the entire pan full and bottled in old coffee jars. 2 months later I am thrilled to say I am still using my redcurrant goo as a coulee on deserts, as a jam on toast, a sauce with roast chicken or a topping to homemade ice cream! 

I am proud to say that nothing goes to waste in our house, even the pigs rarely get a look in!

  Redcurrant jam all bottled up thick and delicious jamDelicious on ice cream with sliced banana

Recipe Shed

Country Kids

An Afternoon with Friends

Half term and our boys had some old friends round for the day.  Fun and play for them and a lovely excuse for me to abandon work in favour of catching up on some mummy chat. On wondering out onto the farm to check on the boys, we found them just over the style from our deer field having a wonderful time in a grand tree climbing competition. I was mightily relieved they all made it down safely and very proud of myself for resisting the temptation to warn them off going EVEN higher, allowing them instead to trust their own judgement.  




Country Kids from Coombe Mill Farm Holidays Cornwall

Hope you can come and support healthy outdoor play for children. From the garden to the beach, I would love you to join in with your snaps or video this week. Read more about Country Kids here


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