The Great Wallaby Adventure

Posted on October 1st, 2011

Wallabies free to a good home – A quick recap

Back in July, I posted on Nick’s casual chat with the neighbour over a pint in the local, which resulted in us being offered wallabies for free.

2 months of back breaking fence building and we (OK Farmer Nick and Ted) have created our very own…………

Jurassic ParkJurassic Park - The new Chicken, duck and Wallaby home

The building of the new wallaby compound, or Jurassic Park as it has become known, has incorporated an extension to the duck and chicken enclosure. It now boasts several side pens to house chicks and ducklings at varying stages of development. Things are never a quick bodge job with Farmer Nick on the job; it has to be the Rolls Royce version!  I must confess it will make for an easier feed run for the smaller children having all the ducks and chickens in one place.   


Ding Ding: Round 1 to the Wallabies

With Jurassic park complete with secure wallaby fencing, Nick assembled a willing group of local volunteers to help catch the wallabies from our neighbours field (the recently closed North Cornwall Aviaries). A rather wet day and a hole in the fence left me with lots of setting up pictures and a forlorn group heading home damp and wet with….you guessed it, no wallabies. They had the last laugh legging it through the hole in the fence within the first 5 minutes. Shame it took us the next hour to work out where they had gone. I was beginning to think they were as elusive as the famous Beast of Bodmin!

Team photo, all hopefulin search of wallabiesSetting the Trap

Hunting high and lowMe practicing with the trap doorReturning home in the rain defeated


Ding Ding: Round 2 to the A Team from Coombe Mill

Not to be deterred, farmer Nick assembled a new team this morning, many of whom were recruited from the feed run before hand. Never has taking part on a working farm had such a literal meaning! With the fencing at the aviaries patched and the trap re assembled it was time to set off and explain the ‘master plan’ to the new team.

Team talkTactics explainedMy trap door perfectly balanced

I have to hand it to ‘The A Team’ everything worked like clockwork from beating the line to closing the make shift trap. To be honest, I did have a job balancing camera and trap door against the speed of the wallabies, multitasking really tested me there for a minute!

Clapping and shooing out the wallabiesKeep that line moving ladsSuccess, a wallaby

An intrepid Journey

After a quick victorious picture we loaded the wallabies, all 3 in total carefully into the back of Farmer Nick’s stock trailer for the short but bumpy drive back to Jurassic Park.

Steady lads wallabies on boardGreat Team Work! Hold on tight wallabies
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its home from work we go... Over the Style to Coombe MillOpening the gates to Jurassic Park

The rest of us took the scenic route back cross the meadows and through the wood and arrived to meet Nick and the wallabies just climbing the slope to Jurassic Park. Here their intrepid journey ends and their life in Coombe Mill begins:




Farmer Nick With a Soft Heart

Worried that their new home has plenty of friends but much less jungle to play in, Nick brought the now rather tired play house from the children’s play area as a fun house and shelter for the wallabies. Our children came home from school to lend a hand and size up the new additions to the farm. Hopefully the nosey chickens will allow the wallabies a look in their new home later tonight! 

Unloading the play houseNosey chickens are first to investigate the houseWallaby settling in at Coombe