Time Out from being Mummy

Posted on October 25th, 2011

Busy lives

Anyone with children has a busy life. Weather you have 1 or in my case 6, they are demanding and time consuming. We cherish and adore them and want to do everything we can to make their lives the best they can be. Sometimes that can leave little time for being ourselves.

Making time for myself

Not everyone will agree with this and not everyone may feel the need, but much as I love my children I need time away from them too. A night away with my husband or a day out with girl friends, even my working time is important to me. I know I need the break when I get snappy at small things and want them in bed before they are really ready to go. It’s not that I love them any less than ever it’s just that I need some time as Fiona and not Mummy.

My treat

This Sunday I spent a night away with friends on a girls SPA break. The Bay Hotel is Just half an hour away in Newquay. http://www.newquay-hotels.co.uk/the-bay.html This has become an annual treat for us and is bliss. Not too far away, this hotel specialises in wonderful treatments and yummy food right on the famous Fistral beach. Never thought I could pack in so much exercise, chat, pampering, food and alcohol into 24 hours! A great place for a girls retreat and 24 hours is just perfect to recharge the batteries and leaving me ready for some more “mummy please can we……” and “mummy what’s for dinner?”

 Our treat captured on video


Anyone for the kids?

Next time your partner, the grandparents, a friend, nanny or anyone you trust offers to have the children for a day or a night, try and take them up on their offer. Coming home to hugs all rounds is as wonderful as being away for a few hours. If your children are very young and you don’t feel ready to do this, just park the thought because as they grow older and more independent the time will one day feel right.