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Posted on October 28th, 2011

Is it a sauce, a jam or a coulee?

I am renowned for just bunging ingredients in a pot and cooking. It sounds random but usually I have an idea at the back of my mind which just develops as I go. I hate waste and love to use fruit and veg in season, especially if it is local or better still from our farm. Naturally when a friend offered me the last of her defrosting redcurrants from the depths of her freezer I jumped at the chance. Fruit jams and chutneys are not my strength but I was determined not to waste anything. Already defrosting I had to act fast and simply dumped the huge bag of redcurrants in a large pan with a large 1kg bag of granulated sugar. Possibly not the correct sugar, but the one I had in the kitchen! It slowly bubbled away and began to thicken. The pith and bits were just too much so I sieved the entire pan full and bottled in old coffee jars. 2 months later I am thrilled to say I am still using my redcurrant goo as a coulee on deserts, as a jam on toast, a sauce with roast chicken or a topping to homemade ice cream! 

I am proud to say that nothing goes to waste in our house, even the pigs rarely get a look in!

  Redcurrant jam all bottled up thick and delicious jamDelicious on ice cream with sliced banana

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