Music as therapy Meme

Posted on November 17th, 2011

Music with a memory for me

I have been tagged by Red Rose Mummy at to complete Mammywoo’s Music as Therapy meme and come up with 3 songs which have a special meaning to me. 

I have seen lots of these posts around and while I am delighted to be tagged, I am slightly worried that many of you reading won’t actually remember back to the 1980’s and my teenage years when music was most influntial in my life. Anyway, here goes for my 3 and why they are important to me:

A strange memory from age 13

Stand and Deliver by Adam and the Ants

I can’t say I love this song at all but it certainly has memories for me. Whenever I hear it, I am instantly transported back to my first year at Secondary School. I am standing the playground on my first week trying, oh so hard, to fit in and be a teenager, even though deep down I am still a little girl with little musical interest! There I am, still in my 3/4 length knee high socks and pleated skirt tryiing to do a little wiggle and sing this song (number 1 at the time) and feeling laughed at by the “cool brigade” in their tights and mini- skirts. *cringe at the memory*

I grew up fast and Loved my teens! 

Girls Just want to have fun by Cyndi Lauper

I am 16 and still doing that little wiggle again whilst singing this song over and over. This time down the streets of France in more cool gear and bursting with confidence  on a cycling holiday from Bordeaux to Calais in just 3 weeks with my best friend. “Time of my life” and full of excitement and hope for all that life has to offer. Wow what a difference 3 years makes at that age!

My early 20’s

Can you feel the Love tonight – Elton John

 I am at an Eric Clapton / Elton John concert with work and have been bopping away next to one of my colleagues all evening. Elton blasts this song out across Wembley Stadium and my colleague and I exchange a glance, just a glance, but it needs no words. I will never forget that moment. That colleague is now Farmer Nick and Daddy to our 6 lovely children.


Thank you to Mammywoo for making me take time out to recapture these memories and to Red Rose mummy for tagging me in this meme.

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