Web Sites I can’t live without

Posted on November 21st, 2011

Meme Intoduction

I have been double tagged by the lovely  and  in a meme started by Emma at Mummy Musings – the websites we can’t live without.

So here is my list of websites that I can’t live without – ones that I open up on a daily basis and why I use them.


My BT email account is a basic lifeline for me. Generally the first and last thing I check each day. Everything from booking requests to chat from friends comes through here and I would be lost without it.


For me twitter has become invaluable. It is the one site which covers my personal and business needs which is why I probably spend so much time on there! To be honest I began my twitter account simply to see if it worked as a way to promote our holidays, but I have discovered it is a very supportive on line community for sharing and making friends. I have built up some great on line friends who I enjoy tweting with, many of whome make me laugh out loud.  It has become my guilty pleasure when I say I am “working” . Please come and befriend me there 🙂 https://twitter.com/#!/coombemill


I know reading  many of the accounts of those who have already completed this meme that facebook is seen as alittle “has been”. On a personal level I would have to admit that I rarely update my wall. For the business it is different, I still love the interaction on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/coombe-mill-family-farm-and-fishing-holidays/275217960255 I post several times a week on here with little snipets of news from the farm, extracts from blog posts and pictures of our guests staying. My following is from organic growth over 2+ years and mainly from our guests who like to follow our farm news. It is a great way to stay in contact. I have tried adding a full blog post onto facebook, but the link is rarely opened, yet just a couple of picures and brief comment always generates a reaction. Strange, but I think facebook users and bloggers must be quite different.  


It has to be there really! I find myself blogging more and more and really enjoying it. Having realunch my web site and integrated my blog just 2 months ago I find I am on here daily. I love having control of the whole site, https://www.coombemill.com/ being able to change text and pictures as new stories come up and blogging is my new past time when I am not tweeting! I love reading and commenting on blogs I follow and receiveng feedback on mine.

Google Analyitics

OK it shouldn’t matter that much, but I do find myself checking on our pageloads most days. *guilty*. I try not to spend too much time but I do like to check which pages on our web site are viewed more often, where pople are coming from and what search terms are turning up our farm holidays. It is a great Google invention!  http://www.google.com/analytics/ If you don’t use it I can recommend havig a look.

In short

I was so looking forward to completing this meme, but now I look back it is a pretty conventional list of must haves. I am either very focussed or just dull – please don’t answer!! I do like to hop into other sites for fun but to stay on brief I am afraid it has to be the above.  

I am now tagging 2 lovley ladies to spill the beans on their ‘can’t live without’ web sites