Your Blog is Great Award

Posted on November 28th, 2011

I’d Like to Thank……

The lovely Red Rose Mummy at for giving me my Tell Me About Yourself Blog Award! Red Rose Mummy is a fairly new blogger with so much to offer. If you are not already following her on twitter or signed up to her active and well written blog then I can highly recommend it.

I was honoured to receive the above mentioned award, until I realised it came with strings attached!
1. I must tell you seven things that you don’t know about me (gulp).
2. I must pass this on to 15 other bloggers (gulp again, sorry if you have been had before).

Thinking hard on 7 things about me that anyone would want to read, but here goes:

1.I didn’t get into reading books for pleasure until I hit 40, but now have to read every night before I go to sleep and more if I find an opportunity window. All those wasted years! 
2. I was a bit of a rebel as a child, being asked to leave both Brownies and Sunday school for being a disruptive influence!
3. I used to have to taste butter, margarine, spreads and lard straight from a spoon at 9am every Tuesday morning in my 20s…… I was the “Fat Buyer” for Tesco. Product tasting was all part of brand development  and so I found myself in the kitchens approving or not the latest fats. Things improved for my waistline when I moved into Salads and Health and Beauty. I was also the condom buyer at one time, I could tell some tails from those days!
4. I can’t abide parsley! I was sick on it as a very young child and my mother only confessed that in my 20’s as she was sure I would grow out of my hate for the poor unobtrusive herb.

5. Despite living on the Farm, my husband would say I am no more a natural at farming now than I was 9 years ago! I love the animals and coming out on the daily feed run, especially on a Sunday morning, but I spend all my time chatting to our guests and taking photos and still have to check with Nick which animals have what food when I am in charge (not very often)!

6. I only need 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. I used to curse this and lie awake for hours,now I find I actually work best from 11pm when the house is quiet and I can really concentrate. This is also when I write most of my blogs!
Oh my have I rambled through to 7 already?  
7.I am quite incapable of managing twitter on my phone passed the bare basics. I have to blog in the office on my main work PC.  I am doing a 2 in 1 with this one and linking this confession to  the lovely Clare at  where I was tagged in the “Where do you blog” meme. So here is my (rather messy) office.
and I am  now tagging   and  to carry this one forwardMy Office
I am dutifully passing the prestigous “Your blog is Great award” on: With 15 at a time appologies if you have already been tagged elsewhere for this!