Earthquake Hits Us in Cornwall!

Posted on December 4th, 2011

An earthquake at Coombe Mill?

Nick woke me this morning with tails of how he was woken up in the night by a huge bang. He said he clambered out of bed and peered up the field to see what was going on. His first thought was that someone was trying to steal our diesel or animals from the farm! I mumbled that I hadn’t heard anything but he said it woke him with quite a start as if it were an earthquake. “Yer right, in Cornwall” I recall sarcastically retorting. Our children were equally skeptical since Daddy is forever winding them up with silly tails.

Nick was adamant he had really heard something and proceeded to Google “earthquake in Cornwall” only to discover this article from the Daily Mail! 

Turns out he might have been right and I should take back my suspicious response. According to the daily mail article he isn’t the only one to have heard the bang! I am still confused though as I am sure I was still awake then and don’t remember a sound apart from the usual hum of the river. 

Looking at the animals today, I am not sure they look too worried by anything, but it is a shame they can’t explain their version of events! 

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