5 Things My Children Say That I never Say

Posted on December 5th, 2011

A fun tag to join in with:

The Lovely Emma from mummymummymum has tagged me in this great meme from Helen at The Crazy Kitchen to think of 5 things my children say that I never say. Me and the kids here on the farm

  1. “Mum, “my shoes are too small”
  2. “Mum,” (crying) “****** just beat me up”( ******* being a brother!)
  3. “What, broccoli? Why do we always have to have vegetables?”
  4. “I done…..” how many times do I correct them  to “I did…..” (playground language)
  5. ” I’m not tired ” (as eyes are closing in front of TV!)  

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Your challenge is to think of 5 things you child/children say that you never say, and link back to Helen’s original post.