Out with the Old, In with the New!

Posted on December 31st, 2011

Presents opened, now for the wrapping paper

It has become a tradition for those staying with us over Christmas to have a big bonfire party after Christmas day. With all the wrapping paper overflowing the recycling points it is the only way and makes a great afternoon of entertainment for the older (school age) children here too. All supervised by Farmer Nick, the times are communicated on the morning feed run and all interested children gather in the car park for a spot of camp fire building. 

An unusual Journey

It is never conventional here! All the Christmas paper had been collected in the stock trailer and Farmer Nick just closing the back when the children asked to travel in the back with the paper! The excitement at this prospect was quite unbelievable, so pile in they did. The short journey down our woodland path was accompanies by much laughing, shouting and pretend animal noises as little smiling facing peeped out at the top. It never ceases to amaze me how the simple things in life are so special to children.

Farmer Nick and Clio with kids in TrailerKids peeping out of the TrailerUnload the kids

Christmas 2011 Up in a Puff 

Once there everyone was inspired, piling up the bonfire pit with all the old paper. The children stayed playing on the farm and revisiting the fire for hours challenging one another to poke a new lease of life into the cinders with sticks and twigs. The boys especially were in their element, mine showing off their scouting skills for fire lighting to anyone who would listen!

Bonfire MakingBonfire MakingBonfire Making

From the commotion on the video you can sense the children’s excitement

Caught on Camera

I think all these children will have some tails to tell when they go back to school!

Reflecting on 2011

The Business

Here on the farm as we say good bye to 2011 I can honestly say it has been as busy as ever. For the Properties Old Mill underwent upgrades and  transformed into Water Mill with a wonderful fusion of 16th Century Mill and modern decor and new lighting, heating and internal layout. https://www.coombemill.com/cottages/water-mill Towards the end of the year we have begun work on Trevarno lodge which I am very excited about as with each build we add that something extra to help make staying with us special. 

Water Mill re designedBack of Water MillTrevarno in Building

Our web site re-design, and the launch of this blog have been something I have enjoyed immensely, even though Farmer Nick now calls me “Tweetface” whenever I sit at the PC!

The Farm

On the farm we saw the introduction of the Alpaca, Peacocks and Wallabies all of whom have added intrigue to our morning Feed Runs, not to mention the regular delights of the spring piglets, and lambs. The Orphan lamb Domino, being raised by hand, became a huge hit with all the children who took it in turns to feed her bottle each day.


"Babe" the 1st PigletBottle Feeding Orphan Lamb DominoPlaying with Domino

Our Family

The Cambouropoulos Kids

Any year is a success to me if I still have 6 healthy children at the end of it. The farm is such a lovely place for them to grow up, but living here they have so much freedom and try out one or two daft ideas (playing Dare with the Ram just one I recall) that I am always grateful to see them happily into a new year! This year I have  noticed their help too, not just as play mates for our guests but in really helping out. If you’ve stayed with us then you may have noticed them stripping beds on a changeover, helping Dad on the farm or bringing round a requested highchair. All to be encouraged! https://www.coombemill.com/family-team

Our Plans for 2012

Next year will be all go once again. The builders are back on site from January 3rd to continue with Trevarno, the new land we purchased needs transforming from mud soup to lawn and new play area. Who knows what is up farmer Nick’s sleeve with the animals, but I  bet there will be a new arrival on the farm before the year is out! I know Farmer Nick is working towards a very special addition for Coombe Mill that the children will adore; as always it’s not plain sailing so keep following our news and all will be revealed.

I hope you have enjoyed a fun Christmas holiday too and what ever your take on 2011

I wish you and your family a