Things to do before I am ‘older’

Posted on January 18th, 2012

Thank you for the Tag!

This meme comes to me from the very supportive  who encourages me with my blog and has a lovely blog of her own going about life with her beautiful Boy. The meme originated from Danielle at   with this post ; another parenting site well worth following. 

Things to do before I am ……..

Our Family


6 Years Ago

The photos show the Kids 6 years ago and all of us now. In 6 years time when I hit 50, (there we are said it now!) I think many things will be changing again for us as a family. Our children will be age 13 to 19 and many of my achievements and wishes are based on the changes that will bring.

So here goes for the list of things I hope to achieve.  



Go away for a weekend with Nick and leave the Children in charge of themselves and the farm


Go out for dinner and have one of the boys come and collect me in the car 


Have regained 1 bedroom in the house and hopefully packed 1 child happily off to Uni


Have found a big enough dining table to accommodate meal times with the girlfriends and boyfriend too!


Have built another 2 Scandinavian lodges at Coombe Mill


Add a really significant “something” extra that all our guests will benefit from 


Still be able to cycle up our hill 


To stay young at heart and still enjoy sporty things with the (grown up)kids – surfing, skating, cycling etc


To fight the onset of grey hair with the best colorants on the market!


Maintain the respect of my children, when I am the shortest member of the family!


Find enough time to keep enjoying my blogging


Play golf with Nick more than twice a year 


Organise a big party for my 50th and practice with a mini party for my 45th


keep a bathroom for myself in a house full of teenagers


Win a competition for a year’s supply of Lynx for the boys


Train myself to go to bed before midnight


Be able to go to sleep at night and not wait up for the kids to stumble in from where ever


Be making a smooth transition from parent protector to parent support and friend


Make sure I never find teenage dirty dinner plates or half drunk drinks in teenage bedrooms


Hope that I have done enough as a guiding parent to ensure I am not a Grandmother by 50! 


I am now tagging the following people to write a list of things to do before they hit their next decade. They then need to copy the url of their post back into the linky tool on Two Point Four Children’s post.



I am looking forward to reading your lists.