Mummy Roadshow

Posted on January 24th, 2012

Girls Road Trip

This was a really last minute thing that just came together beautifully. Well it did for me anyway, as I have very organised friends! Just 1 night away from home, but wow did we make the most of our Mummy time off. Anyone with children will know only too well that time out as a Mum is a rare treat to be treasured. I make it sound like I don’t adore my family, nothing could be further from the truth, I just find I appreciate them more and have more patience after the occasional day away; absence really does make the heart grow fonder. We all offered to drive, but when Anita pulled the trump card of taking her husband’s Jaguar, well there was nothing to debate really! I have to say I was slightly apprehensive of feeling car sick in the back seat, but I can now safely say the back of a Jag is better than the front of our bus any day!Jaguar Travel

Why Cornwall to Birmingham?

The Strictly Come Dancing Road show at the NIA was the focus of our trip. I have to confess to not ever having watched an episode of strictly before, but I was in good company and I knew we would have a laugh so I counted myself in!

In true girl style we took our time travelling, stopping at Cribbs Causeway Bristol for lunch and a spot of shopping. Remember we don’t have huge indoor shopping centres in Cornwall, a chance to catch up on fashion outside of surf brands! 

Arriving late afternoon with luxury picnic and champagne, we were ready to hit the town and definitely in high spirits as our taxi arrived!

Ready for our picnicBirmingham Thistle HotelFrom the Cab

The NIA was only minutes away and the show certainly did not disappoint from start to finish:

By the time we came out we were buzzing, and that’s not just from the wine in the interval! Catching a cab, our next destination was booked in advance…… a late night curry house. We couldn’t come to Birmingham and not go for a curry; it would be like visiting Cornwall and not trying a Cornish pasty or Cream tea! Despite our picnic we all tucked in to our feast! 

Enjoying our CurryCurry House Birmingham

It was gone midnight when we left the restaurant and we should really have been heading home, however spotting an 80’s night club accross the road, yep, we just had to do it! It was a blast, dancing round our coats and bags, cocktails in hand to all the old tunes and I wasn’t even the oldest person in there! 

A laugh a minuteGood cocktails!80s Nightclub Reflex

By breakfast we were a tad more subdued! Not to be put off we set off for the city centre and Bull Markets. I had no idea just how big Birmingham was or how beautiful. The architecture is really stunning with a wonderful fusion of old and new, as for Cornwall Street, well I just had to have that one on camera!

The famous Bull in the Shopping CenterLovely buildings along the streetTown Hall

 Cornwall Street Birmingham Monster Coffee!


We had to stop for one last coffee at Starbucks – well the nearest at home is 40 minutes away! Then the “Mummy fab 4” hit the road for the journey home and a warm welcome from our lovely families. Oh, and not too feel too sorry for them, the Dads and kids organised a big party get together at Coombe Mill including all the crisps and Pop Mummy normally bans! I would love to be cross, but actually I am delighted they had a good time too, since we might be planning another trip soon!   

Just do it!

Time out is never easy, money, work, child care and feeling comfortable away from your family is hard, but as the children begin to get older it does get easier to achieve, making a little time for yourself isn’t selfish, it can be enriching and certainly makes me better at being a Mum. If you can find a way, give it a go!